Calverton Estate Sale 1933


Sale on the Death of Frederick Joseph Trevelyan Perceval, 10th Earl of Egmont

10th Earl of Egmont

10th Earl of Egmont

Following the death of the 10th Earl on 16 May 1932 at age 59 without making a will, his Calverton Estate was broken up into a series of 30 Lots and sold by auction at The Cock Hotel, Stony Stratford on the 30th June 1933.  The Estate comprised of some 461 acres in total and the Lots included Calverton Cottage, the Farms of Lower, Middle and Upper Weald, 32 Country Cottages plus various other farm buildings and plots of land in the Three Wealds. The Estate extended broadly from the Whaddon Brook in the West, right across to the (old) A5 Watling Street in the East and even included some fields to the North near Stony Stratford. The Lot numbering starts at Upper Weald and works northwards up through Middle Weald, Lower Weald and Calverton to Stony Stratford (that is in the same direction as the enumerator would for the Census surveys) .

Indexed Sale Plan of the Calverton Egmont Estate 1933

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