Millennium Map of Calverton Parish – 2000


What the Millennium Map includes:

This fully interactive Millennium Map of Calverton Parish incorporates the work of the Calverton Records Project up to the year 2000. It includes the parish boundary, all of the known field names, the farms (colour coded), farmyards, farmhouses, other buildings/structures, house plots and gardens, plus all of the domestic properties with photographs and details of their residents at the turn of the Millennium.

How to use it

The map can be zoomed and panned in all directions using a mouse/mouse wheel, finger swipe or the +/- buttons at bottom left (but scroll outside the edge of the map to move page up/down). To make best use of these facilities click the top right button to go full screen.* Click the top left button to activate the fly-out panel which shows the features index lists – each item is clickable to take you straight to its position on the map. The lists can be expanded or contracted by clicking appropriate up/down arrow (when they appear beneath the red tick boxes (which turn the lists on and off)). Photos shown in the fly-out panel can be clicked to see larger versions. The whole map can also be viewed in the alternative graphic map mode by clicking the ‘small map’ button located at bottom left of the fly-out panel. Enjoy!

* Wide screen and associated functionality may be restricted on some small screen devices.

Making feedback contributions to the Millennium Map

All members of Calverton Records Project (and any other interested contributors) are encouraged to add to the histories of each house by using the Map detail Comment Form below to record dates and details of previous residents working backwards from the year 2000 – plus any other significant historical facts (such as when the building may have been re-thatched or changed to a slate/tiled roof or been otherwise modified/extended in some way).  Likewise any additions to missing/previous field names (or any other pertinent agricultural or historical detail) would be most welcome, as would any other comments or ideas for improving the map. We would also be interested to see (and copy) any old photos of village people or places not already appearing elsewhere on this website – if you have any please mention it under comments. Please fill in any relevant details that you know and press submit.  Thanks.