Calverton is situated near Stony Stratford, to the West of Milton Keynes in the County of Buckinghamshire, England. It has a total population of about 170 and consists of the village of Calverton itself together with the adjacent hamlets of Lower, Middle and Upper Weald which stretch out one mile to the south. The Calverton Records Project was started under the auspices of the Calverton Residents Association at a meeting on the 6th of July 1996. The objectives of the project are to uncover the past of Calverton, and to record its present for the future. This website is based on material from the original site but has been completely redesigned and updated with many new features, images and articles. The recorded period has been extended back some 4000 years to include Bronze Age archaeology, and forward through to the new Millennium.
A selection of images from Calverton Records Project collection of photographs from the early part of the last century.
Shoulder of Mutton

Shoulder of Mutton was once a slaughterhouse! (Click photo for history)

The Parish of Calverton

The parish, and before it the Manor of Calverton, has a long history stretching back to Domesday and beyond.
Originally, the parish took in the West side of Stony Stratford and a part near Old Stratford. As Stony Stratford with its market grew in importance, it became independent and the Calverton Parish was reduced in area. Now with the with the development pressures of Milton Keynes and its Western Expansion Area, the area of the Parish has been reduced yet again and the new parishes of Fairfield and Whitehouse created on its north-western borders. However the ecclesiastical parish of Calverton continues to cover the whole area.

This website tells is the history of Calverton from earliest times through all these changes up to the Millennium in 2000 when a major commemorative 'New Domesday' project was undertaken.

More recent and current aspects of parish activities are covered by the Calverton Village Community website which, in turn, has an increasing number of links back to this site for coverage of more historic matters.

The Future

Selective more recent history also records the current major changes which will provide two new parishes on its Northern borders and lays the historical foundations for the new communities developing there to pick up on.

A Word on this Website

Calverton Records Project (CRP) had one of the earliest and most extensive local history based websites in the Milton Keynes area. The original 1996 site was constructed, maintained and generously hosted by Stephen Stewart. It was based on the early work of The Records Project which included the historical work by the local WI and other previous historians, in addition to publications such as the Calverton Historical Bulletin, the two CRP journals and material from the 'Calverton Cuppas' village newsletter together with occasional articles resulting from contacts with long-lost and far flung contributors from across the world wide web.


As members of Milton Keynes Heritage Association we, along with other groups still sporting 'first generation' websites, were encouraged to upgrade our sites to make them more user-friendly and more compatible with the smart phones and tablets which now account for some 45% of all web traffic. WordPress was chosen as the new web publishing program and work began in early 2015 to construct the site, initially in a closed test environment (this site is currently only visible to Calverton residents). Work has progressed steadily and although it is possible to cut and paste material from the old to the new site, considerable effort has been put in to recreating the pages afresh with updated text and more/larger pictures and in colour where available. Also many new pages and features have been added such as interactive maps, moving panoramas and scrolling slide shows, with still much more to come.

At the foot of each page will be found a 'leave a comment' contact form so, if there is anything else that you can add to (or correct) on the page, please do put it on the form and let us know - we need your help and would like to share the history of Calverton with all.

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