The Fight at Salcey Green

19 May 2020 MKHA Webmaster 0

Alexander McKay, champion of Scotland, fought Simon Byrne, an Irishman, on the 2nd June 1830 and a few days later Byrne was arrested for McKay’s murder.
Hanslope and District Historical Society

Beating the Bounds

18 May 2020 MKHA Webmaster 0

Newspaper reports or Parish Council records show that a beating of the bounds around the parish boundary of Aspley Guise has taken place since c.1866.
Woburn Sands Collection

Wolverton On Film

17 May 2020 MKHA Webmaster 0

The Living Archive has made over 100 videos available for viewing on Vimeo and has this year added 16 of them as part of its Wolverton on Film Collection.
Living Archive Milton Keynes

Olney’s social history

16 May 2020 MKHA Webmaster 0

The Society is publishing on its website a social history of post-war Olney. 1945 – 1960 is now available and the later periods have yet to be compiled.
Olney & District Historical Society

The Rockets

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In the mid 1950s the local area had its very own rock‘n’roll group called ‘The Rockets, playing Lonnie Donnegan’s skiffle, Bill Haley and Elvis Presley.
Yardley Gobion History Group

3D Virtual Tour

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Move around the galleries looking at the machines and their descriptions with hyperlinks to video and text explanations providing further detail.
The National Museum of Computing