Lost language of headstones

21 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

In this illustrated talk Kevin Varty explores the sometimes hidden meanings of the symbols which are often carved into headstones.
Newport Pagnell Historical Society

Transport Weekend

20 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Up to a hundred cars, vans, motorbikes and military vehicles will be on display at MK Museum for the annual celebration of transport past and present.
Milton Keynes Museum

The Culworth Gang

19 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

David Hewitt will tell the story of the Culworth Gang, a disreputable bunch who terrorised locals and other villages in the 18th century.
Towcester & District Local History Society

1940s Weekend

18 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Miss Lola Lamour, forces favourite, will be singing. Displays from Home Guard, Free French, K2 Trust, GIs, RAF and the NAAFI. Flybys will take place.
Milton Keynes Museum

The Enumerator Strikes Back

18 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

This talk by Dave Annal will turn the spotlight onto the men and women who created the UK’s census returns since they first went to work on the census in 1841.
Buckinghamshire Family History Society (Northern Group)

Medieval Surgery

18 July 2019 MKHA Webmaster 0

Steve and Eve Bacon explain the theory of the four humours that underpins medieval medicine and demonstrates the skill of the surgeon.
Bletchley Archaeological & Historical Society