Glebe Terrier 1724 (Page 3)


Listings of Glebe lands in Calverton’s three large open fields

Page 3  covers the balance of those Glebe lands located in Street Field and then describes those located in Middle Field, the second of the large openn village fields. Although the Glebe holdings are not as extensive here, some surviving field names such as Little First Danell and Great Second Danell, substitute nicely for short Daniel Furlong and Long Daniel Furlong respectively.

Middle field then seems to have crossed the brook – ‘One Land shooting into the Brook’ – and then extended to the West of Lower Weald taking in the modern Dunstad (for Dunshead) and likewise Gravel Pit (for Stonepitts). However the most memorable field must be the magnificently named ‘Short Shittern Arse Furlong’  – leaving all pondering upon the original scatological event which must have led to its naming.

Blaconsfield, being the third of the large village open fields, confirms its presence to the west of the village through the use of a actual surviving field Sharps which is backed up by further references to Beachampton associated fieldnames.