Photographic Competition 2015 – Wild Sherington: Results

The Sherington Historical Society photographic competition “Wild Sherington” ran through 2015. There were 3 categories of entry – Under 11, 11-18 and Over 18. We had 115 entries into the Over 18 category and 8 entries into the Under 11 category. Unfortunately no-one between the ages of 11 and 18 entered the competition.

Local wildlife photographer David McKay kindly agreed to judge the entries for us. He chose his favourite 21 photos from the Over 18s. These photos with all the entries from the Under 11s were exhibited as prints in the Village Hall on Saturday 20th February 2016. The overall winner of each category was announced at the exhibition. The winners are as follows:

Over 18 – Oliver Powell with his grass snake in Crofts End.

Under 11 – Amy Pattinson with her bee in the High Street.

Grass snake

Grass snake, Crofts End, 05.06.15, 1650

Bumble bee

Bumble bee, High Street, 13.09.15, 0904

You can see David’s shortlist of entries on the Exhibition page.

The aim of the competition was to start recording the wildlife and wild plants of Sherington for the Historical Society, which can be added to in the future, to create a historical record of flora and fauna in the village. See the photos that were submitted to the competition on the Gallery page. You can also see some of the photos of the wildlife and wild plants of Sherington not entered into the competition on the Sherington Wildlife page.

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