During the Autumn of 1971 high winds had blown the weather cock off its mounting on the top of Olney Church Spire. After steeple jacks had completed assembling the scaffolding for its replacement, two young Olney men, Brian Minney and Norman Wright, enquired whether it was feasible for them to climb the spire and use a cine camera to film the view.

Somewhat surprisingly the steeplejacks agreed and Brian and Norman set off to climb the spire whilst the steeplejacks were in place.

Part One of this video starts with the cine film taken by Brian whilst up the spire and also covers the early part of the men’s descent.

Part Two continues, a few days later, with the raising and installing of the weathercock on its repaired mounting. This part of the cine film first shows some additional views from the spire. It then covers the somewhat primitive procedure used for raising the weathercock from the ground to the top of the spire, and its final placing on its mounting spigot.


The video of Brian Minney’s climb of Olney’s Church Spire (cinefilm 1971)


Olney Church Spire Climb - Cinefilm 1971


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