Editor’s Note:
The first part of this article, viz: the ‘potted or summary of Olney history’ is complete. The more detailed sections are essentially complete but need to be considered as ‘provisional’ because abstracts and references to more of the existing content from this website need to be integrated into its relevant sections.

This article presents a ‘potted’ or summary of Olney’s history followed by a more detailed chronological history of Olney in six sections. It should be considered an introduction to Olney’s history, as the  ‘definitive account’ of Olney’s history has yet to be written.

Each section can be accessed directly by links from the text or images displayed below:

A ‘potted’ or summary
of Olney history





The most comprehensive account of Olney’s history to date is, arguably, that contained within the Olney Historic Town Assessment Report published around 2010.  The total document comprises 101 pages and formed part of the Buckinghamshire Historic Towns Project funded by English Heritage. The purpose of that report was to summarise the archaeological, topographical, historical and architectural evidence relating to the future development of Olney. Thus, an informed basis was provided for conservation, research and the management of change within the urban environment.

The ODHS formally acknowledges the historical elements of the Buckinghamshire Historic Towns Project report, from which a good deal of the earlier content of this article is drawn. That said, the ODHS will do its best to modify any content  deemed inaccurate on the provision of related authoritative evidence.

Naturally there are a number of mostly small books available covering specific elements of Olney’s history, many of which are available in Olney’s public library.  Moreover a bibliography on Olney history has been compiled and uploaded to this website.

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