J J GARNER DIARY ENTRIES (1) 1903 – 1941

Joseph James Garner – 1937

Mr J J Garner’s diary entries provide a valuable insight into the running of a successful drapery business in a small country town during the first half of the twentieth century. The entries will also be of great assistance to anyone attempting to establish dates or time lines for events in Olney.

The entries have been selected and collated by Mr Roger Gooden (Mr J J Garner’s grandson) to provide a series of lists that will be of interest to readers with family connections to Olney. This web page, the first of three, presents by far the largest list and covers the set of general observations recorded by Mr Garner over the period 1903 to 1941.

Entries are particularly enlightening for the duration of WW1 (05/08/14 – 11/11/18) on this web page and on the third web page for the early days of WW2 (15/09/38 – 30/12/41). Even though almost all of the personal references have been removed, they demonstrate the anxieties and  typical involvement of Olney’s civilian population over that period.

The second web page presents two lists covering Mr J J Garner’s diary entries regarding his staff and other Olney people. The third web page also presents two lists covering Mr J J Garner’s entries during the early days of the Second World War (unfortunately he did not add any entries after 1941) and his entries regarding other shops around the Market Place.


Garner’s Shop Front in 1903


03/03/03 Mr Nichols up to look at front next door
20/03/03 Measured Eatons shop blinds
25/03/03 Began Coop front alterations next door.
26/03/03 Had Photo Postcards of shop come
11/04/03 Put blinds up at Coop
27/04/03 Put blinds at Thompson Grocer
18/05/03 George Eaton boarded passage.
21/05/03 Mr Chas Dimmock died
07/11/03  Girls Institute opened
08/12/03 Mr Ennals opened his shop
30/12/03 Coop paid rent
09/02/05 Sowman’s fire Emberton
19/04/05 Put up blinds in Sowmans Offices
07/05/05 Thatch
09/06/05 Hearse out
20/06/05 Perkins propping Allabartons roof.
23/06/05 Ennals Hearse out 1st time
05/08/05 Dimmocks paid their bill
05/09/05 Street Lamps Lighted
05/10/05 Soul put gas in Carpet Shop
27/10/05 New lights in Clarabutts Shop
24/11/05 Clarabutt hired our hearse
20/03/06 Put outside blinds up for the first time
24/03/06 Hearse out
29/03/06 Fire at Tom Perkins carpenters shop
03/09/06 Settling up property with Freeman next door
04/10/06 Outside lamp repaired
03/11/06 Commenced early closing for winter
12/12/06 Putting up big pole + Post Office telegraph
14/12/06 Putting telegraph wires over our house
11/01/07 New butcher opened
15/01/07 Fitted telephone in office
04/03/07 Revitts fire
07/03/07 Moved lamp post outside
23/03/07 Litchfield putting longer sign on Carpet Place
28/03/07 Cut blind posts for cycle rests outside
10/04/07 Freeman finished (painting) front
26/04/07 Photo shop taken
16/05/07 Men doing thatch in front
19/05/07 Ravenstone Old Chapel closed
27/05/07 Had photo of shop
10/06/07 Photo of shops ready for blocks
17/06/07 Photo taken at Miss Sanders
04/07/07 Mr Cowper Wright brought block of shop around
03/10/07 Uncle Little gone to Bozeat Mill with view to purchase
21/10/07 Opening new chapel at Ravenstone
27/10/07 Conducted my first service at CM Church
04/11/07 John Little & Mr Farrance took Bozeat Mill
31/12/07 Coop rent paid Girl’s Institute rent paid
16/01/08 Bill to Ratcliff Printer
28/01/08 Bozeat miller called on his first business round
09/04/08 Sale at Lavendon Mill
22/01/08 Sir Henry Bannerman died
04/05/08 Heard that Ennals had sold his business
23/05/08 Whites, new draper, opened with sale
11/06/08 Mann’s factory excursion to Yarmouth
12/06/08 Museum (in) evening
18/06/08 Had chat with Thompson grocer
22/06/08 Made Mr Thompson offer with shop
24/06/08 Came to terms with Thompson
25/06/08 Signed for property
06/07/08 K & I in ‘Whites’. Sent for me to sign agreement
09/07/08 Paid my part of property, showing Mr Murton round
29/07/08 Moved ‘Whites’ stock
02/08/08 Band on Market Hill
18/08/08 Sowman Hoddle over re shop down street
26/08/08 Sowmans gave up ‘Whites’ shop
28/08/08 Mr & Mrs Murton over again, re shop
03/09/08 Mr Moss & Mr Hoddle over again about Whites Shop
05/09/08 Let shop to Mr Murton
23/09/08 Floods all outside shop
28/09/08 Sold premises at ‘Whites’ to Mr Murton
08/10/08 Sunday School stone laying, £225 raised
23/10/08 Morgan put glass name on door.
10/11/08 Mr Field paid me for Ennals’ hand truck
23/11//08 Looked over new Post Office
10/12/08 Mr Murton opened new Post Office & Tobacco business
16/01/09 Mr Knight brought proof over
24/01/09 Post Office moved to High Street from Market Place
25/01/09 Post Office completed moving
25/04/09 Cowper’s l00th Centenary – house full here
28/04/09 To Northampton for photo in afternoon
02/06/09 Bazaar at SS, opening of new schools
20/06/09 Mr Whitmee appointed superintendent at school
20/07/09 4 oak chairs arrived for Chapel
30/10/09 Snowing
11/11/09 Men thatching roof next door
14/11/09 Snowing
09/12/09 Mr Eaton, Grocer, died
22/12/09 Work late at Farrels ‘Baker’
01/01/10 Cutting Market Hill tree down
05/02/10 Heard of Coop change
10/02/10 Thompsons property sale
11/02/10 Mr Clarabut over again re Coop
18/03/10 Snowing, sent Ennals Hand Hearse away
22/03/10 Coop gave notice of leaving. Had cheque for hearse
07/04/10 Olney Market Day opened today. Hope it will pay
28/04/10 Heard of Frenchman flying to Manchester
03/05/10 Sergeant Govier leaving Olney
04/05/10 Sergeant Lillywhite arrived from Stony Stratford
06/05/10 King Edward VII died
10/05/10 Dimmock’s Sale
20/05/10 King Edward VII funeral. Proclaimed George V King on Market Place
29/06/10 Coop moved shop
03/06/10 Let house to Minards @ £18 a year
13/06/10 To Berrils, re Shop Blinds
29/06/10 Olney Fair Day, Coop moved shop
23/07/10 Coop all finished up at our shop & house
15/08/10 Miss Florence Nightingale died
01/09/10 Minard’s take on next door
08/09/10 Minard’s moving
09/09/10 Let room to Mr Armstrong (Bucks Lace Factory owner)
14/09/10 Bought Baby Mail Cart
18/09/10 Mr Murton paid up
20/09/10 Let shop to Townsend. Barber
29/09/10 New street lamps in Market Place
01/10/10 12 years to-day opened Mens Shop
15/10/10 Girl’s Social at Institute
25/10/10 Mr & Mrs Mapley moving to new house – Weston Road
01/11/10 Heard of new draper coming to Thompson’s Shop
02/12/10 New Draper opened. Stokes Bros
16/12/10 Poll declared. Verney in again
11/02/11 Shaw next door for thatch
02/03/11 James Daniells died in Olney
02/03/11 Thatching next door
14/03/11 Townsend paid rent wrote Armstrong – Men thatching
02/04/11 Wagonette
03/04/11 Making new blinds for Knight. Printer
08/04/11 Fred brought the bread round for the last time in Olney
03/05/11 Photo family group at Northampton
12/05/11 Morgan finished shop front. All green
17/05/11 Said goodbye to Whitmees, gone to America (Fred & Jessie)
23/05/11 Pulling down Raban’s house down in Market Place
30/05/11 Mr Field’s photo arrived
20/06/11 Man bought pony and Governess Car
22/06/11 Coronation Day
24/11/11 Gas in shop
04/01/12 Mr Moss went away
11/01/12 Longhurst & Skinner, Bedford, burnt down
02/02/12 Advert ‘Harold and Reggie’
23/02/12 Clarke. Pork Butcher opened
27/02/12 Heard of Armstrongs leaving next door
29/02/12 Coal strike over
27/03/12  All shops decided to close on Wed. at one o’clock
03/04/12 Closed at 1 o’clock 1st time
28/06/12 Armstrong moving
04/10/12 New outside lamps
04/05/13 25 years ago today preached at Ravenstone for 1st time
26/03/14 Bennett opened Drapery Shop
07/07/14 Altering Brewery Corner at Saracens Head
14/07/14 Cowper Wright – re our grate for museum
05/08/14 War declared
06/08/14 Buying horses on Market Hill
07/08/14 War Meeting at night
18/08/14 British Army landed in France
27/08/14 War raging – not good
28/08/14 Buying for soldiers
03/09/14 Had Fairey’s pony for war
04/09/14 Bad War News
08/09/14 Meeting War Fund at night
14/09/14 Germans losing ground a bit now
22/09/14 Rush for Army Goods
09/10/14 War Bad – Antwerp fallen
13/10/14 Germans gaining ground
18/10/14 Refugee Meeting at Newport
05/11/14 Carpet at Belgian’s House
10/11/14 Finished Belgian’s House
03/12/14 Belgians at Rose & Crown
04/12/14 Soldiers here
17/12/14 Germans raid Scarborough
03/02/15 Men repairing thatch
14/02/15 Expecting soldiers
12/03/15 Some soldiers going off, who want (to) sign on
24/04/15 Some of our soldiers gone off
03/05/15 Men started pulling down next door kitchen at No 20
08/05/15 Another ship sunk – bad news
23/05/15 Italy at war
20/07/15 Mr & Mrs Hoskings called to see me and look around place after 29 years
17/08/15 More soldiers go off – Bad war news
14/09/15 Soldiers over
22/09/15 War Budget & Taxes
27/10/15 Bedford soldiers gone away
31/01/16 All lights out – air raids about
11/02/16 Lights down – order from Government
19/02/16 Police around about lights
20/02/16 New lights order
20/03/16 Started closing dinner hour
21/05/16 Daylight Saving Bill – all clocks on 1 hour
03/06/16 Bad losses at sea
06/06/16 Lord Kitchener & his staff drowned
07/06/16 Bad war news
08/06/16 Wounded soldiers on Mr Pebody’s lawn
19/06/16 Report re: armoured cars at Moscow
20/06/16 Reception of men in Schoolroom, leaving for front
29/06/16 Treated wounded soldiers
20/07/16 Sale on Market Hill, Belgian remains
10/09/16 To Turvey – 9.30 Soldiers Service
16/11/16 K. helping pack parcels for soldiers
21/11/16 Section soldiers arrived
03/12/16 Service in Chapel, Singing at night, Soldiers free supper
04/12/16 Read of Armoured Cars smash up
21/12/16 All men 16 to 60 called up
05/01/17 First day without potatoes (War)
09/01/17 Soldier sentenced on Market Hill
12/01/17 To Soldiers Farewell
14/02/17 Armoured cars in action again
15/03/17 Two Dr Barnado’s Boys here
30/03/17 More men wanted for the Army
13/07/17 Amoured cars in the thick of battle (in evening papers)
20/07/17 Heard of 10 Casualties Armoured Cars
21/07/17 Anxious time
21/08/17 Sold 4 wheel at night to Mr Clayson
07/09/17  Air raids on London
05/11/17 Winter War Time – close 6.30 & 8
07/11/17 To Soldier’s Meeting
25/02/18 Repairing roof next door
23/03/18 Altering clocks for summertime – 1st time
24/03/18 Great Battle Raging
11/04/18 Bad War News
12/04/18 Bad War News again
14/04/18 War Sermons in Chapel
27/04/18 Bad War News – withdrawing state
01/06/18 Bad War News
28/06/18 Round for Billetts for Soldiers
06/07/18 Record over £40,000 for Olney – one day’s savings
04/08/18 War Sunday
20/09/18 British evacuate Baku – worrying (Caspian Sea)
24/10/18 Xmas Parcel Soldiers Meeting
28/10/18 Austria asking for peace
31/10/18 Turkey signs for peace
11/11/18 Armistice signed – Bells ringing = Good News
12/11/18 Selling Flags
13/11/18 Thankgiving Service in Church
16/02/19 Wartime Hosiery Window
30/04/19 Men thatching Miss Minards roof
09/05/19 Put large glass in Mens shop
09/07/19 Peace Sunday
19/07/19 Peace Celebrations
29/09/19 Olney Post Office moves
25/11/19 First hair cut & shave at new barbers
30/01/20 Gave Revitt order for alterations to shop front
20/03/20 Revitt began shop front
30/03/20 Revitt up with first window frame
31/03/20 Al in for large window frame
16/04/20 Putting iron girder in carpet building
29/04/20 Put large pane glass in millinery window
31/04/20 Cleaning & dressing new windows
10/05/20 Men finished roof
17/05/20 Men took all scaffolding down
02/07/20 New Bank opened – High Street
16/07/20 Glass in carpet window
12/08/20 Fitting shop window blinds
13/08/20 Men writing in fascia board
14/08/20 Hand truck repaired
07/09/20 Revitt putting up Big Sign on top carpet showroom
13/09/20 Putting tiles on front
18/09/20 Men finished tiles
20/09/20 New front finished
03/01/21 Thatchers come next door
21/01/21 Licence holder on car
12/03/21 New people took Claysons shop
24/03/21 Building War Memorial
21/05/21 Unveiling Memorial on Market Place
11/11/21 Armistice Day
12/01/22 Mrs Griggs opened tea rooms
11/02/22 Mr Raban died
28/02/22 Princess Mary’s Wedding Day
25/04/22 Heard of Mr Bates sold his business
17/06/22 New Greengrocer opened
26/06/22 Re-roofing Saracen’s Head – making corner wider
08/07/22 Mr Thompson, Grocer, married again – to Miss Raban
04/08/22 Let Coach House to Perkins for Shoe Workshop
15/09/22 Miss Thompson went away – Thompsons
19/10/22 Lloyd George resigned
06/03/23 Told Mrs Skevington about requiring our house
18/03/23 New Dr coming next door (No 23)
03/04/23 International stores takes on Thompsons
03/05/23 Bennett opened at old Coop place
07/07/23 Dr Chevalier rented Motor House
19/10/23 Dr putting in window next door
07/11/23 Put bottle in chimney, safe built in wall – Tin box back fireplace
14/02/24 Signed Bank Papers for J Garner & Son
08/04/24 Lighted gas 1st time at No 22
12/04/24 Moved to next door – 22 Market Place
01/06/24 Nameplate on Shop byke
02/06/24 Putting Front in at Rogers Baker
02/07/24 Pasted up door between our two houses
06/07/24 Mrs Sharp, Etolia house, died
15/07/24 Men began thatching No 20
18/08/24 Mr Tom Perkins, carpenter died
05/09/24 C Mann and Rose Timperley married
03/06/25 Bournemouth – call in on Mr Hoskins
20/07/25 Cowper – Wright brought keys of Museum
14/09/25  Mr Lineham, Newport married Miss Dudesey, Emberton
01/01/26 Miss H Armstrong (sister to Harry Armstrong – Olney Lace) left 29 High St,
Olney for India, after marrying Jack Longland.
11/02/26 Tom & Perkins making Wireless set
12/02/26 Had it on First Time in house – Wonderful
01/07/26 Mr Mont Farrell & Family called on us (from America) formerly 24 Markt Pl.
01/01/27 Sowman’s New Manager, Mr Lord, introduced himself to the staff
07/05/27 Motor ambulance arrived
13/05/27 PC Stone went away
26/05/27 R Perkins making new Cycle Post Sockets
10/12/27 Lamp for Ravenstone Chapel outside.
03/03/28 Fixed lamp at Ravenstone Chapel
26/03/28 Roberts moving from Cowpers House
25/04/28 Tax on petrol
08/07/28 Cowleys fire. Bad day for Olney
04/02/29 Men thatching ridge of roof
08/12/29 Rev J E Evans begins his Ministry
12/01/30 Carpet window blown in at night
16/02/30 Listened to first radio service
24/03/30 Bennett moving
28/03/30 Bennett inaugurating new opening
02/07/30 50 Anniversary Opening of Chapel
08/08/30 Mr Hipwell re electric lights
11/08/30 Men started for Electric light – Pavements up
05/09/30 Men began putting. wires & electric fittings
29/09/30 Electric lights in window – To see Dr Chevalier new car
04/10/30 Electric light on in shop First Time
23/11/30 Electric light at Chapel 1st time
06/12/30 New Dairy shop opened High Street
06/01/31 Bennett The Draper shut up
18/01/31 Olney new Fire Engine
30/01/31 Mr Phillips schoolmaster left Olney
10/03/31 Pavement up again – Electric cable going by
26/04/31 Census Day.
07/06/31 Earthquake in the night. Shook the house
20/07/31 New ambulance arrived
24/07/31 Fixing 3 seats in Market Hill
14/09/31 Men began paving our front with stone slabs
22/09/31 Men finishing laying pavement
14/11/31 Heard of Mr Pebody’s going to Mapley’s House on West Hill
30/06/32 International Stores moving Ralph’ s stock
02/09/32 Men writing Gold Letters on Chapel Board
24/09/32 Wethers cut trees down against Chapel fence
30/09/32 3 more trees down in front and moved Chapel Board to opposite side
01/10/32 New grocer signed on for 3 years
09/11/32 Cut tree outside on Market Hill
09/01/33 Mr Marshall starts at 18 Market Place
21/01/33 Old man moved from Cowper’s House
22/02/33 Fire at Salmon’s motor works
19/08/33 New seat put in Recreation Ground by JJG
15/09/33 Dix gave notice to leave house next door, taking over Pope’s shop
23/09/33 Dix opened at Pope’s shop
04/10/33 Dix moving – Let the shop next door to Boot Man
19/10/33 British School let – 1st time after alterations
21/10/34 Electric light outside Chapel
28/03/34 Mr Hoddle Butcher new little van
10/04/34 Bought van £25 from Sowmans
14/04/34 Sold old van for 15/-
16/07/34 Miss Hardy – next door- died
24/09/34 Turner opened next door
03/10/34 Turner paid rent 1st time
25/10/34 Watson ‘well in Chapel yard, as marked in Church Book
20/11/34 Looking around Miss Hardys house
19/12/34 Masonic cars. No lights
01/07/35 Abbott began dairy in Motor House
09/09/35 Putting Electric Standards round Market Place
05/10/35 Men removing old gas lamps
25/10/35 Masonic cars on Market Hill (No lights)
04/11/35 Used electric kettle for first time
23/01/36 Proclamation New King on Market Hill
28/01/36 King George’s Funeral, close 1 to 4.30. In procession to Church
14/02/36 Miss Elkington looking around next house
20/02/36 Sowman’s new lorry
14/03/36 Front all cleaned for photo
15/03/36 Mr Kitchener taking photo of window
26/03/36 Sale of property next door at bottom of garden.
Cottage fetched £90 – House not sold
04/04/36 Mr Thomas Wright (author & poet) died
07/04/36 Mr Thomas Wright Memorial Service at our Church
22/03/36 Taking off thatch next door
29/03/36 Rare mess with thatch outside
30/03/36 Scaffold poles in Front
01/04/36 Roof fell in next door (Turner’s Shop)
15/04/36 Lady after next door
26/05/36 Bought house next door
02/07/36 Paid for property next door
06/07/36 Men still papering next door
07/07/36 Applications for house
09/07/36 2 women cleaning next door
10/07/36 Mr & Mrs Smith looking around house
16/07/36 Cleaning up garden & tool shed next door
17/07/36 Ethel Hoddle and several others looking over house
19/07/36 Dr Chevalier round next door
25/07/36 Mr Smith takes on next door
06/09/36 Rev Pooley commenced ministry
13/11/36 Mr Stanley over re change of Post Office
27/11/36 Bought new fireplace for 23 Cosy
14/12/36 Gudgins property sale – no go for me
01/01/37 Mr Freeman starts Post Office
18/03/37 Heard of Mr Slater Station Master leaving Olney
23/03/37 PC Wheeler moving to Lavendon
17/04/37 Mr Abbott leaving Cowper’s House
29/04/37 Paggetts sale – withdrawn at £625
27/05/37 Rev J Ernan Evans funeral in Wales
18/06/37 Sold Chapel Communion Pewter set for £5 to Mr Woods
22/06/37 Maynard moving into Gilpin house
02/07/37 Putting Electric cable – Gilpin House
02/09/37 Misses Minard & Perkins moving after 27 years next door
18/09/37 Let house next door to Mrs Moseley. Mr AlIen Waterworks Engineer
24/09/37 Mrs Smith next door got another little dog
01/10/37 Putting new range in next door – No 20
20/10/37 Dolly Paggett got Soho House
18/11/37 Mrs Moseley’s husband came home from India
23/11/37 Pavement Sowman’s side up re gas
01/12/37 JJG paid for oak seat in cemetery
03/01/38 Rev Chapman – Olney vicar -leaving
14/01/38 Mr Allen gave notice in Paper of his partner – now Allen & Cook
22/04/38 Abbots Motors running but not many customers
02/06/38 Sold Soho House for £450 to Mr FW Bull-Newport Pagnell
16/07/38 Mrs Griggs (next door) closed down
18/07/38 Began water pipes & alterations at Griggs
02/09/38 Mrs Mosely moving – Mrs Pearce gave up house
03/09/38 Let 20 Market Place to Mr G Odell
26/10/38 Men finished gas in Tom’s place
05/11/38 Mrs Gomm thatch on fire
17/11/38 Mr W T Knight married
07/12/38 New man – Revitt’s old shop
01/01/39 Made offer for Turner’s house
21/02/39 Pancake day on Market Place
20/04/39 Switched electric light on at Lindford Chapel
05/05/39 Thurston & Abbots on Market Place
10/05/39 Miss Lett cleaning out 20 shop – for Army Recruit’s Office
20/05/39 Heard Mr Salisbury had sold his business
02/06/39 Notice Mrs Paggett’s cottage to let
05/07/39 New Shop Blinds
10/07/39 Mrs Frances Minard looking around next door
12/07/39 Men began pulling down cottage near the Cock Hotel
24/08/39 War scare – all in Dark Curtains
31/08/39 Evacuation Scheme announced – blinds curtains blankets etc
03/09/39 War Declared – Terrible news
04/09/39 Mrs West crying – 4 brothers to go to war
06/09/39 Air Raid Warning
15/09/39 No Olney Advertizer
19/09/39 Let greengrocer shop, but sleeping there against my wish
22/09/39 Petrol Ration vouchers
29/10/39 Air Raid Demonstration
30/10/39 Began alteration to Hoddles Butchers Front – last bit of old OIney Market Pl.
04/11/39 Miss Brimley takes on Mrs Paggett’s cottage. Putting Hoddle’s front in.
22/01/40 Gas frozen – Deep snow
01/02/40 Franckes Cafe open
30/03/40 Person called to look over our house 23
06/04/40 Bedford people looking over 23
08/04/40 Mr Cooke takes on 23
11/06/40 2 aeroplanes down at Bozeat – 4 killed
25/06/40 First air raid warning in night
09/07/40 Rationed for tea
15/07/40 Army manoeuvres on bridge
09/08/40 Solicitors Bull – Cooke mortgage paid off
31/08/40 Air Raid
02/09/40 Bombs about at night
09/09/40 All in blackout
13/09/40 Air Raids – no papers
22/09/40 Sirens going
28/09/40 Let shop 3/- a week – Mr Clarke paying rates
30/09/40 Miss West blacking out windows
11/10/40 Advertizing Black Out
13/10/40 Bomb in night. Shook the house
18/10/40 People gone mad for Stocking goods – Re Purchase Tax
28/10/40 Bomb in Olney – many windows broken
02/11/40 Mr Clarke paid rent
05/11/40 Had identity card
06/11/40 Mrs Morgan paid rent
14/11/40 Wooding called up
20/12/40 Police ringing up Mary – Light on
31/12/40 No 20 (shop) rated at £7. No 23 at £15. Manse at £34.
13/01/41 Tom here with evacuee David
16/03/41 Tom Vacuee Parents here
19/04/14 Miss Clarke’s Evacuee boy went back
20/04/41 David’s mother & father here
07/05/41 JJG cutting Market Hill tree
15/05/41 Heard of Rotherham being bombed
19/05/41 Big Fire Watching meeting
24/05/41 War weapon week
03/06/41 Talk of Coupons
27/06/41 Mr Watson had 1st lot of Coupons
30/06/41 Men tarring road – Waste of time & material
05/07/41 Bombs in the night
02/08/41 Mr Cook, Allens, called up
12/08/41 Stanleys front being done up
01/09/41 Mr Austin at Bank left Olney for Luton
13/09/41 Stephen & David to Bozeat
18/09/41 Miss Minard spoke about leaving.
09/11/41 Remembrance Day in Baptist Chapel, procession nearly 300
10/11/41 Mrs Looms new Catering Van
12/11/41 No paper to be used for parcels
13/11/41 JJG resigned office as Secretary at Cowper Memorial
04/12/41 Letter re Chapel Iron Railings
09/12/41 The Market Place bought for the Town – sold by auction at Bull Hotel
The final entry in the diaries
 24/11/42  Extract from J J Garner letter:
‘Oh, I might say, The Old Market Hill Tree of about 300 years has been cut right down Today – It does look a big open space to us now, so that is another item that will have to go down in my Diary – for future Historical Reference.’

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