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A valuable addition to the Olney High Street – Heritage Trail
Two Brewer’s Pub Archway)

We made an appeal to the Facebook ‘Olney in the Past’ Group for a photo of the Two Brewers Pub archway before it was filled in during the 1950s to form the bar area for the pub extension. The photo was needed to endorse the stories in the trail about the Olney Fire Engine emerging into the High Street and the 1940 bomb blast that funnelled through the archway and blew out the shop windows on the other side of the High Street!

Indeed we struck lucky in that a couple of photos of the original archway were found by a group member plus a third composite photo of the four buildings to the north of the Two Brewers. See the photos via this link.

A display of memorabilia for VE Day 75 from Olney residents and expats

The resulting web page contains really surprising contributions amounting to a series of real gems which is certainly worth a look. The compilation of this commemoration was a joint effort by the Cowper & Newton Museum and the ODHS. Another web page contains a summary of an earlier article featuring a 15 year old Brian Mynard’s account of a VE Day bonfire party outside the then Castle Pub. 


What was Olney like immediately after WW2?

Elements of Olney’s Social History Post WW2 (!945 – 1960) are contained in a series of web pages which is now nearing completion. The work comprises four sections: 1 Social History, 2 Leisure Pursuits, 3 Significant National Influences and 4 Personal Recollections. Click the relevant link to see the current published section for this time period. Section 4 is under compilation.


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  • MARKET PLACE TOUR - covers the Market Place and surrounding buildings from 1800s to 1950s.

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