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.BBC Archive ‘Interlude’ film of Olney Mill – 1953

The ODHS has recently become aware (October 2020) of the link to the BBC Archive Interlude film of  ‘Olney Mill and the River Ouse’ first broadcast on 10th October 1953. The introduction to the film states that it portrays the sedate scenes of a church, mill and stream filmed near the River Ouse, in Olney, Buckinghamshire. Why not take a look?  Link to the BBC Archive Interlude Film of Olney Mill – 1953.

Olney High Street – Heritage Trail (Smartphone/Audio Version)

Announcing the release of a new heritage trail on this website (added September 2020). The advantage of this trail is that it provides a superior audio presentation.  Another is that when using a smartphone the written text  can be largely ignored by the user while taking the opportunity to examine the (enlargeable) photographs within the text. Link to the new trail.

Why not give this trail a ‘live’ test in the High Street itself? If you do, ensure you have a pair of earphones about your person to deal with any excessive traffic noise!

Are you aware of the ‘Coat of Arms’, ‘Badge’ or ‘Crest’ of the town of Olney? 

 Link to this new but short article and be aware of their status.




What was Olney like immediately after WW2? 

Elements of Olney’s Social History Post WW2 (!945 – 1960) are contained in a recently compiled series of web pages. The work comprises three sections: 1 Social History, 2 Leisure Pursuits3 Significant National Influences. Click the relevant link to see the published section for this time period. 




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  • MARKET PLACE TOUR - covers the Market Place and surrounding buildings from 1800s to 1950s.

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