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No 33 Market Place, 2013
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Number 33 Market Place was originally divided into east and west parts, having been the Buck Inn, with a central archway. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Ebenezer Abraham, a watchmaker, had the eastern half, but in 1834 John Foster Palmer bought it for £195. By 1866 Joseph Palmer had acquired the western part for £300.

When Sowmans took over the Palmer’s ironmongery business they were eventually able to acquire this property and built in 1904 their new premises upon the site. They also stocked ‘accessories for Bucks Lace Making’ and in 1924 Reginald Whinnett was using part of the premises as a Lace Dealer.


The new Sowman building at No 33 Market Place c.1910 demonstrating the large plate glass windows

The 1910 Inland Revenue Survey records Sowman Bros as the owners/occupiers of the building. Being business premises there are no records of persons living at Number 33 in the 1911 Census of the 1936 and 1951 Registers of Electors .

The full history of JW & E Sowmans ironmongery business has been compiled as a separate article on this website and comprises two extensive parts (see link below). Sowmans business, which considerably expanded its business lines over the years, eventually spanned from Number 32 to 34 Market Place.

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Sowmans Ad1 1907

Advertisement appeared in Ratcliff’s 1907 ‘Olney, Bucks’ Almanack
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No 33 Market Place in 2007



The frontage of Nos 32, 33 & 34 Market Place c.1910s



The south side of the Market Place c.1905

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