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No. 8 Market Place, The Bull Hotel, 2012
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Number 8 Market Place is the Bull Hotel and was once an important coaching inn and stopping place for the ‘Beehive Coach’ which ran between Wellingborough and London.

Before Olney’s Railway Station was built in 1872, an omnibus ran daily between Bedford and Wolverton Station. When the rail passenger service was opened, a Conveyance ran from the Bull Hotel to the Station to meet every train.

The Bull was also used as a meeting place for Dinners and Auctions. The Inland Revenue even had an office here in 1883!


Landlords for the period of 1800 – 1940 were:

1801 Mrs Worley (widow)
1810/11 Thos Worley
1833 John Worley
1841 Sarah Baker
1844 Samuel Baker
1851 William Hipwell
1866 W.H. Lockyer (died in April of that year)

1887/8/9 Thomas Cannon
1891 Mrs J.M. Cooper
1907/11 Mrs Susannah York
1924 William John Trimmer
1931 Mrs Florence Wilson
1935 Arthur T. Simons
1939 William Crosby Packwood

The 1891 Census confirms that Jane M Cooper was the proprietress in that year. The 1910 Inland Revenue Survey records Hipwell & Co. as the owner and confirms S. York as the tenant; the 1911 Census also cites Susannah York as the Hotel Manager.


The Bull Hotel 1900s with, probably, the ‘Station Conveyance’ outside

The 1936 Register of Electors records the residents at the Bull as Edgar Richard Maund, Edith Lily Maund and Leslie R Spencer. Whereas the 1951 Register of Electors indicates that William Packwood was still the Manager in that year, and that Clive W Packwood, Bessie Packwood and Amy Packwood were also in residence.

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The Bull Hotel 1907

Advertisement appeared in Ratcliff’s 1907 ‘Olney, Bucks’ Almanack
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Market Pl Aerial View aph

The Bull Hotel 1950s


The Bull Hotel 1930s

BullfromMuseuma aph

The Bull Hotel 1890s

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