Colour images of Olney taken around the year 1900

  • Olney Market Place South-East c1900


1. A Selection of Olney Postcards – provisionally launched November 2021

The selection  is drawn from a private collection of post cards. The postcards were collected over many years, the majority of which, have survived the rigours of Royal Mail.  The dates superimposed on each image are those on the post mark, and not necessarily the dates when the cards were originally printed. Link to the article.


2. Olney MarketPlace – Heritage Trail (Smartphone/Audio Version – Added April 2021

The trail features a light introduction to the history of Olney Market Place for the period from 1800 to the present time. It includes a superior set of voiceovers addressing both the Market Place and a selection of the surrounding buildings and their former residents. Although the format is optimised for smartphones it works well for tablets and laptops. The image collections can be viewed enlarged whilst listening to the audio presentations. Minimal walking involved during this trail and it may be suitable for people with limited mobility.  This trail can even be viewed in your home of course. Link to the article.

This Olney Market Place trail should be considered as complementary to the Olney High Street trail launched in September 2020 (see (2) below) as it possesses many similar features.


3. Olney High Street – Heritage Trail (Smartphone/Audio Version) – Added September 2020

An advantage of this version is that it provides a superior audio presentation.  Another is that when using a smartphone the written text  can be largely ignored by the user while taking the opportunity to examine the (enlargeable) photographs in detail. Moreover, the user is inherently safer whilst walking Olney pavements – as are the other pedestrians! Link to the article.


4. The ‘Coat of Arms’, ‘Badge’ or ‘Crest’ of the town of Olney – Added August 2020

An opportunity to become aware of the status of the ‘Coat of Arms’, ‘Badge’ or ‘Crest’ of the town of Olney. This article fulfils a long standing gap in the content of this website. Link to the article.


5. A display of memorabilia for VE Day 75 from Olney residents and expats – Added May 2020

The compilation of this commemoration was a joint effort by the Cowper & Newton Museum and the ODHS. The resulting web page contains really surprising contributions amounting to a series of real gems which are certainly worthy of a look.


6. What was Olney like immediately after the war? – Added April 2020

We have added a couple of links to what Olney residents were confronting at that time and some their associated leisure activities. Click the link to a new developing feature on Olney’s local history between 1945 and 1960. Another link leads to a complementary feature covering Olney’s Leisure pursuits and pastimes over that time period.


7. Relive Georgian Life – Olney – Added December 2019

This new article presents the ten panels currently being displayed during the period November 2019 to January 2020 by Discover MK Showcase on the first floor of MK Central Library. The panels indicate how the Georgian era influenced life in Olney and the surrounding area. Find out how the Cowper & Newton Museum and the Olney & District Historical Society delved deep to tell these lost stories. Link to the article.

8. A Chronological History of Olney – Added May 2019

This new article presents a ‘potted’ or summary of Olney’s history followed by a more detailed chronological history of Olney in six sections. It should be considered a ‘developing’ introduction to Olney’s history, as the  ‘definitive account’ of Olney’s history has yet to be written. Link to the article.


9. All ODHS Olney Heritage Trails – Updated 12th January 2019

This page lists all ODHS heritage trails and associated videos currently available. The trails are listed under the following headings:

a. Trails that can accessed directly in full on this website.
b. Trails, some take the form of audio guides, accessed via Smartphones using (i) the ‘PocketSights’ software package, (ii) the ‘izi Travel’ software package, (iii) the ‘MK Trails’ software package.
c. Trails available as a video directly via YouTube.
Link to the complete list



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