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Preserving the history & heritage of Woburn Sands and district,
with archive photos, family history data and fascinating stories from the past.

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The Woburn Sands Collection is a private archive about Woburn Sands and district, collected since 1989. This website was opened in February 2006.

Where items have come from another source, it is attributed to the copyright owner. You may use any of the work for private study or personal use, but if published in any format elsewhere, please indicate this website was the original source. Please check with the attributed owner before using any work other than mine.

If you have any questions about the history of the district, the people, the buildings, or the items shown on this site, I will help if I can, or direct you to someone who may know. If you have researched a local topic or family and would like to share your findings, please contact me.

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Stay up to date by joining the Facebook group “Woburn Sands & District History“. You can see the latest photos to be discovered, discuss local heritage or ask any questions about Woburn Sands and district.

I am looking to acquire the following:

Any postcards of WOBURN SANDS, ASPLEY HEATH, WAVENDON or WALTON, or of other local places if they come from shops or photographers in Woburn Sands. These could be postcards from photographer Robert Cheetham, who embossed the lower corner of cards “R A Cheetham”, Bathurst’s Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemist, Pikesley of Woburn Sands, or Gregory’s Sandpine or Sanpine cards.

Bottles & Flagons
Any bottles, flagons or pots marked WOBURN SANDS, ASPLEY GUISE, WAVENDON, or “DOWN & NEEDHAM”.  Also any stoneware flagons from the other towns that make up modern-day Milton Keynes, e.g. Bletchley, Fenny Stratford, Newport Pagnell, Wolverton, Stony Stratford, etc.

Original books (not modern ‘print-on-demand’ copies) by Jeremiah Wiffen of Woburn, George Castleden of Woburn, or Rev. John Fisher of Wavendon, as well as guide books to the local district.

Dolhain Worth
Frosted glass souvenirs, painted with views of Woburn Sands. Other souvenirs with local views on, but not just plain Woburn Sands crested china. (Sorry, but I have enough now!)

Any of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd edition O.S. maps of 6-inch or 25-inch-to-a-mile sheets, covering Woburn Sands, Aspley Heath and Wavendon.

Other Ephemera
Bill heads, Newspapers, Deeds, Auction programmes, Auction plans, Photos, Posters, or anything else pertaining to the Woburn Sands, Wavendon and Aspley Heath area.



I have speeches available on several local aspects of history that I can give to local groups. These are FREE OF CHARGE to local groups within 3 miles.

I can also lead walking tours around the town, focusing on any historical aspects you wish, or the just the published Town Trail, which takes about two hours.  Groups need to be at least 6 people, but no more that 25.



My grateful thanks to the Milton Keynes Heritage Association and Roger Kitchen for providing the training to build this website and the hosting of it. The late Robert Dymond wrote the genealogical search programme. Special thanks to Alan Cooper in particular for his patient I.T. advice and emergency rescue when I press the wrong button.  Thanks Alan!


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