When the surviving Fire Insurance records were managed by the Guildhall Library in London, I extracted this list of local interest. Some were from the Sun Insurance index, others were from the Royal Exchange, and some have entries in both indexes:

1714 – 1731
Joseph Buckmaster, Labourer, Hogsty End
James Edmonds, Labourer, Hogsty End
Edward Austin, Wheelwright – Whaddon
Jane Gregory – Assigned to her son Bernard
William Markes – Lace Buyer
Robert Page – Maltster
Richard Pangbourn – Maltster
John Wells – Gentleman
Farm Welsh, Widow, House at Cross End

1775 – 1787
Gregory Austin, Grocer
John Battams, Farmer
Edward Bennett
Samual Franklin Hart, Brickmaker, Hogsty End
John Kent, Farmer
Samual King, Maltster
William Litchfield, Shopkeeper
John Pike, Farmer & Butcher
John Pratt, Yeoman

I did not examine the individual records themselves. These records have now been transferred to the London Metropolitan Archives, although they are not listed individually on the LMA online catalogue, I understand you can access them in person at LMA by ordering the “Redstone Index” [CLC/B/192/F/012/MS17817].

However, the following Royal & Sun Alliance records are on their online index, and I have copied the details here, with the Document Reference. I have not copied entries relating to Woburn Abbey or the Duke of Bedford. You will see that there is a huge variation in spellings of various place names. The actual entries are written up into large ledgers, and give a few more details about the buildings or goods being insured, and the values assigned to each.

[My additions in square brackets are corrected place names to assist with text searching]

Date Name Address Condition or Trade Other property or occupiers mentioned Document Reference
1784 Apr 14 Wiggins, Mary Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Spinster Bird, widow CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/321/491686
1784 Aug 2   Pike, John Wavendon, Bucks. Farmer & butcher   Walton, Bucks. CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/322/495427
1784 Mar 26 Moore, Francis Aspley, Beds. Esq. The Greyhound (Samuel Turvey, victualler); John Bull, shoemaker, both in Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/321/490925
1785 Aug 1 Higgins, Richard Newport Pagnell, Bucks. Innholder The Coach and Horses (Ann Goodin, victualler); labourers, all in Hagstie End, parish of Wavendon, Bucks. [Hogstie End] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/330/508371
1785 Sep 13 Winn, Ann Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Widow Biggleswade, Beds. (Anbone carpenter; Arnold, Pope, Hightley & Field, labourers) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/331/509566
1786 Apr 27 Haynes, William Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Gentleman  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/336/517882
1786 Jan 10 Batley, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Lace merchant & dealer in spirituous liquors  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/335/513914
1786 Jan 4 Butling, Thomas Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler & tailor  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/341/525864
1786 Jan 4 Martin, James Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Farmer  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/341/525865
1787 Apr 24 Clark, Henry Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Innholder Shackleton, widow CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/343/530270
1787 Apr 4 Martin, Robard Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Innholder The Bull Inn, Dunstable, Beds. CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/343/529243
1787 Jul 21 Pilgrim, Thomas Aspley Guise, Beds. Dealer in lace   – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/346/533203
1787 Jul 26 Hannell, Edward Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler & carpenter  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/345/533484
1787 Jun 27 Byworth, Henry Aspley Guise, Beds. Yeoman  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/345/532241
1787 Oct 17 Page, John Little Linford, Bucks. Farmer & dairyman Wavendon, Bucks. (John Mapley, labourer) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/348/536041
1787 Sep 10 Taylor, Stephen Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Wheelwright Wooburn [Woburn] (William Banborough, dealer in lace; Henry Dod, stay maker; John Leathorum, shopkeeper; Edward  Mansfield, baker; widow Barlow); Dunstable, Beds (Neal, baker) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/348/534901
1788 Feb 20 Winn, Ann & Pattison, Elizabeth Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Milliners Near the George Inn, Wooburn [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/351/541170
1788 Jan 11 Batley, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Dealer in spirituous liquors  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/351/539296
1788 Nov 3  Cole, Fenn  Upsley Guise, Beds. [Aspley] Lace merchant Henry Byworth CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/357/550162
1789 Aug 4 Pike, John & Bennett, Edward Wavendon, Bucks. In trust for children of Higgs, deceased Burch, John Toppin, William Plowman; Thomas Higgs CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/361/559820
1789 Feb 11 Moore, Francis Aspley, Beds. Esq. Aspley (Mrs Greton); The Bell, Aspley (John Randall); Egginton, Beds. (Daniel Mallard, farmer); Heath, Beds. (Francis Tomkins, farmer); Bow Brickhill, Bucks. (Millard, farmer); the Fir Tree, Hog Stye End, Bucks. (Lee) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/360/554283
1789 Feb 9 Williamson, James Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Esq. Bedford (Hiatt printer) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/360/554217
1789 Jan 20 Butler, Thomas Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler & tailor  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/359/553133
1789 Jan 20 Martin, James Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Tanner  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/359/553137
1789 Jun 29 Martin, Robert Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Birchmore Green, parish of Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn]  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/362/558412
1789 May 4 Gooding, Ann Hogstye End, Wavendon, Bucks.  Victualler  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/361/557052
1789 Oct 19 Taylor, Stephen Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Wheelwright Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] (William Granbrough, dealer in lace; Dod, staymaker; John Leathrum, shopkeeper; Edward Mansfield, baker; widow Barlow) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/365/562128
1790 Apr 20 Filks, Richard Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Gentleman Parker, surgeon CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/367/568528
1790 Apr 20 Goodman, William Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Gentleman Wooburn, Beds. (labourers) [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/367/568529
1790 Apr 23 Batley, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Brandy merchant John Preston maltster; Sinfield & Gregory, labourers CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/366/568656
1790 Jan 22 Wright, William Aspley, Beds. Schoolmaster   – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/367/565351
1790 Jan 26 Denison, Arabella  Oxford Widow   Wavenden Buckinghamshire (Zachr. Sprichley; Kemstead farmer; Franklin Hart farmer) [Wavendon] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/367/565532
1790 Jun 14 Jarvis, Edward Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Farmer  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/369/570530
1790 Jun 26 Staniford, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/370/570848
1790 Mar 27 Winn, Ann Woburn, Beds. Widow  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/367/567398
1790 May 19 Turvey, Samuel The Greyhound, Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler Pinfield Pond, Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/369/569775
1790 May 21 Aveling, Elizabeth Aspley, Beds.  Widow  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/370/569907
1790 May 27 Burry, Mary & Wyche, Ann Woburn, Beds. Grocers John King, carpenter; Husband Crawley, Beds. CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/370/569995
1790 May 27 Jefferys, Phebe Woburn, Beds. Victualler   – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/370/569994  
1791 Aug 22 How, Richard Aspley Guise, Beds. Gentleman Aspley Guise, Beds. (John West, farmer & maltster; John Sousten, baker; Mary Longstaff labourer) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/378/587769
1791 Feb 24 Osborne, William Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Grocer & tallow chandler Leighton Buzzard, Beds. (Purser, glazier & Samuel, tailor); Stuckley, Bucks. (Elizabeth Moore; labourer) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/374/580487
1791 Jan 10 Rodall, Catharine Woburn, Beds. Widow The Rising Sun, Woburn, Beds. (John Staniford) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/375/578419
1791 Jan 5 Clarke, Henry Woburn, Beds. Innholder  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/374/578211
1791 Jun 29 West, John Apsley, Beds. [Aspley] Farmer & maltster  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/377/585195
1791 Mar 18 Levi, Barnard Horse Market, Northampton Coachmaster & farmer The Drapery, Northampton (Leach, milliner); College Lane, Northampton; Newport Pagnel & Broughton, Bucks.; Woburne & Dunstable, Beds. [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/374/581107
1791 Mar 30 Rock, Henry Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Blacksmith Miller widow; Duck Lane (Robert Jones); near Pinfield Pond (John Botsworth); Sinfield & Emerton; Horse Fair (Susannah Cooke, spinster) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/377/581567
1791 Mar 30 Rock, Arthur Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Carrier, farmer & blacksmith Duck Lane (Parrott labourer); Goodman shoemaker; Aspley Guise (labourers); Crawley, Beds.; late Arnolds Farm, Wooburn [Woburn] CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/377/581565
1791 Sep 14 Martin, Mary Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Widow The Horse Shoe, Newgate Street, London (Price victualler) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/378/588492
1792 Aug 10 Cole, Fenn Aspley Guise, Beds. Lace merchant  Aspley Guise (Henry Byworth; George Wording, John Odell) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/387/603994
1792 Aug 17 Masters, Mary Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Widow  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/387/604144
1792 Dec 3 Butcher, Thomas Aspley Guise, Beds. Butcher  Mary King, widow CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/391/608647
1792 Feb 2 Butler, Thomas Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn]  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/384/595972
1792 Jan 17 Whieldal, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Victualler & farmer Crawley, Beds. (John Whieldal; labourer) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/384/594951
1792 Jul 6 Higgins, Richard Newport Pagnell, Bucks. Innholder Hogsty End, parish of Wavendon, Bucks. (Ann Goodwin, victualler) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/387/602439
1792 July 12 Pilgrim, Thomas Aspley Guise, Beds. Lace dealer  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/388/602865
1792 Mar 26 Lucas, Thomas Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Saddler Crawley, Staffordshire (labourers) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/386/598129
1792 Mar 3 Taylor, Stephen Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Wheelwright Thomas Butler, tailor, & John Grey, labourer CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/386/597384
1792 Mar 31 Batley, John Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Brandy merchant John Preston, maltster; labourers; Rigmount, Beds. (butcher) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/386/598397
1792 May 2 Taylor, Stephen Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Wheelwright  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/385/599901
1792 Nov 17 Rock, Arthur Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Carrier The Wooburn Warehouse, Windmill Inn yard, St Johns Street CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/390/608171
1793 Aug 8 Porter, Joseph Wooburn, Beds. [Woburn] Draper Husborne Crawley, Beds. (Widow Cecil) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/395/618082
1793 Aug 8 Morris, John Ampthill, Beds. Brewer The Red Lion, Dunstable, Beds. (Thomas Hobbs, victualler); the Black Horse, Wooburn, Herts. [?] (James Darrott, victualler); the Saracens Head, Fenny Stratford, Bucks. (Mary Treen, victualler) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/395/618092
1793 Mar 4 Martin, Robert Broughton, Bucks. Gentleman Birchmore Green, Wooburn, Beds. (labourers) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/392/612343
1822 Jul 17 Bird, George Apsley, nr Wobourn, Beds. [Aspley, Woburn] Gentleman Adjoining city wall, St Peters parish, Chichester, Sussex (Walburn, Bird, shopkeepers) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/493/993587
1827 May 10 Bird, George Aspley, near Woburn, Beds. Gentleman St Peters, Chichester, Sussex (Walburn, Burn, shopkeepers) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/515/1058996
1829 Jun 2 Freeman, William & Son Woburn, Beds.  Grocers & dealers in chemicals  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/520/1092346
1833 Aug 7 Bird, George Aspley, near Woburn, Beds. Esq. Adjoining the city wall St Peters, Chichester, Sussex CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/539/1157568
1834 Aug 19 Freeman, William Edward Rogers Woburn, Beds. Druggist grocer & seedsman High Street, Woburn, Beds.   CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/540/1181863
1834 Aug 19 Freeman, William Edward Rogers Woburn, Beds. Druggist grocer & seedsman High Street, Woburn, Beds. (Thomas Heighington, boot maker); George Street, Woburn (Cobb & Slade) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/540/1181864
1835 May 19 Williamson, Janet Elizabeth Rosalie Apsley near Woburn, Beds. [Aspley] Widow  – CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/546/1199505
1837 Aug 2 Williams, Francis 2 North Street, Westminster Gentleman Dogget; 3 Brunswick Place, Brixton, Surrey; Weathercock Lane, Aspley, Beds. (Askew) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/564/1252889
1839 Jul 24 Williams, Francis 2 North Street, Westminster  Esq. Dogget; 3 Brunswick Place Brixton Surrey; Weathercock Lane, Aspley, Beds. (Askew) CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936/566/1306147

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