At this time, the township we know as Woburn Sands was not one place with simple boundaries. Some of it was Aspley Guise, with Aspley Heath, in Bedfordshire, and some was under Wavendon in Buckinghamshire. These are the complete census returns for those two places. Many of the road names you will recognise, but some are unfamiliar, such as Zig Zag Lane, which is known now as Bishops Walk, Aspley Heath. The Census enumerator walked a complicated route through each village, revisiting some streets more than once when people were out. It can also be confusing as some street names are duplicated in each village. Much of Salford, including The Red Lion Inn was also recorded under Water Hall in Aspley Guise.

(N.B. Each village has had to be split into sections because of the size of the data.)

Locations mentioned: West Street, West Street (Late Mrs Moores), West Street: Ivy Cottage, The Steamer, White Cottage, The Cottage, West Street, Wood Lane, Woodbine Cottage, West Street, Westwood Villa, Wheelwright Yard, West Street, Woodbournes, West Street, West Bridge, Duke Street, Wood Lane, Duke Street, West Hill, Station Road, Woodcote, Wood Lane, Woodlands: Woburn Sands, Aspley Hall, Woburn Sands, Aspley Hill, Aspley Road and Woodside.

Locations mentioned: Goodmans House, Post Office, Hardwick Road, Zig Zag Lane, Opposite Church, Aspley Heath, Aspley Heath: Longford, The Mount: Aspace, Aspley Heath, Daneswood, Aspley Heath, Aspley Heath Church Cottage, Aspley Heath, Church Street, Aspley Heath, Woburn Road , Woburn Road: Henry 7th, Hardwick Road, Station Road, Weathercock Lane, Weathercock and Weathercock Lane.

Locations mentioned: Aspley Mill, Hobbs Cottage, Aspley Heath Church St Michaels, Woburn Lane, Woburn Lane School House, Woburn Lane, Woburn Lane Pot House, Woburn Lane Cottage, Woburn Lane, East Street: Bell Hotel, East Street: Aspley House, East Street, East Street Swan Inn, Church Street, Church Street: Anchor Inn, Church Street Mission Rooms, Church Street, Kemps Yard: Church Street, The Avenue: Church Street, Church Street Parish Church, Church Street, Water Hall, East Street, Church Street, Railway Lodge and Church Street.

Locations mentioned: Crab Tree Hall, Water Hall, Water Hall Primitive Methodists Chapel, Water Hall: Red Lion Inn, Water Hall, Hayfield Farm, Aspley Hall, Railway Lodge, Mount Pleasant, Wesleyan Chapel, Mount Pleasant, Church Street, Sheppard’s House, Church Street, East Street and Mount Pleasant.

Locations mentioned: Chapel Street, Wood Leys Farm, The Leys, Hardwick Lane, Market Place, Leighton Hill, Long Slade, Fullers Earth Lodge, Woburn Road, Fir Tree – Woburn Road, Aspley Road, Swan Hotel, Vicarage, High Road, Ladral, High Road, Sandymount – High Road, Horsegrove – High Road, High Road, Brickfield Cottage, Station Road, Brickfield House, Station Road, Station Hotel, Railway Station, Gas House, Weathercock Lane, Russell Street, Sturgess Farm and Lower End.

Locations mentioned: Lodge, Keepers Lodge, Coachmans Lodge, Wavendon House, Masdal Or Cottage, Park Cottage, Park Farm, Cross End, Manor House, Newport Rose Lodge, Newport Fen Farm, Walton Lane, Wheatsheaf Inn, Blank, Wavendon, Blank, Wavendon Rectory, Blank, Leathern Bottle, Blank and Walton Road.

Alphabetical listing by Surname of those who gave “Woburn Sands” (or something very similar!) as their birthplace, but had dispersed around England by the time of the 1881 Census.

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