Family History Database

The links below lead to information drawn from a database index of people who have
lived in Woburn Sands or Aspley Heath. You can use the Search button to search across all these sources at once.

Information from the following sources has been indexed so far:

To view information from each of these sources, click on the link above.

Click search for a person, to search for all references to a person in all the above records.  The lists that are returned provide links to additional information from each source.  Enjoy exploring these facilities!

Over time it is planned to add other information to the index, such as the census records, to provide a complete as possible picture of the records of past residents.   Several other communities are taking a similar approach to indexing family history information.  Where records refer to persons born or living in these communities, a link is provided to facilitate further research in the records of these communities.  Communities which are using this approach include:   Bow Brickhill Hanslope Olney   Stoke Goldington Two villages of Milton Keynes and Broughton Yardley Gobion

(The above facility was provided by the late Robert Dymond, to whom I owed a great debt of thanks for his hard work.)

Page last updated Dec. 2018.