This is part of the 1851 Census, those listed under “Hogstye End” in Wavendon, Bucks. It is described as “Part of the Parish of Wavendon called Lower End, Woburn Sands, Railway Station, Wavendon House, Mr Baileys Farm, Eagle Farm and Mr Hoares Lodges”. The Bedfordshire entries follow.

These Census details are provided in good faith. Please check against the original entries before relying on details for your family history. Folio entries 1 – 20 on the Census refer to Wavendon, and are not included here.

Index No. Place Name Family Position Marital Status Age Profession Where Born
H = Head
W = Wife
S = Son
D = Daughter
M = Married
U = Unmarried
Ag. Lab. = Agricultural Labourer
21 Deeth Farm John Bailey H M 60 Farmer, 5 labourers, 140 acres Northants, Harlston
Elizabeth Bailey W M 55 Daggenham
Elizabeth Bailey Gr D U 7 Scholar at home London St. George
Howard Hammond Serv U 17 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Susan Howe Serv U 18 House Servant Milton Keynes
22 Railway Station Thomas Osman H M 27 Railway Clerk Marylebone, Mdlsx
Mary Ann Osman W M 30 Herne, Kent
Mary E. Osman D U 3 Peterborough, Northants
Caroline Osman D U 1 Wavendon
Adelaide Rogers Sis in L U 15 Herne, Kent
23 Woburn Sands John Munday H M 33 Labourer Coal Wharf Bow Brickhill
Mary Ann Munday W M 31 Fenny Stratford
George Munday S U 9 Bow Brickhill
Joseph Munday S U 7 Bow Brickhill
Mary Ann Munday D U 1 Wavendon
Issac Benson Lodger U 29 Policeman LW Railway Milton, Cumberland
24 The Leys Farm George Falder H U 44 Farm Baliff 500 acres, 29 labourers Ampthill
25 Fenton House William Henry Denison H M 40 Landed Proprietor Cublington
Sarah Doyle Denison W M 35 Reading, Berks
Caroline Gladys Serv U 26 House Serv. Hurst, Berks
Martha Adams Serv U 15 House Serv. Oxford
26 Swan Inn Edward Emmerton H M 39 Farmer 120 acres, 4 labourers Salford
Ann Emmerton W M 37 Salford
Mary A. Emmerton D U 15 Salford
Jane Linnel Cous U 20 Newport
Ann Sinfield Serv U 20 Not Known
Mary A. Goodman Visitor U 2 London
James Hack Lodger U 40 Shaftsbury, Dorset
27 Woburn Sands Henry Bazley H M 32 Gamekeeper Spleen, Berks
Elizabeth Bazley W M 34 Wokingham, Berks
Sarah F. Bazley D U 2 Wavendon
28 Woburn Sands Ann Wrench H U 44 Dairymaid Wavendon
George Wrench S U 9 Scholar at home Wavendon
29 Woburn Sands Harriet Inwood W M 24 Dress Maker Oxford
30 Fir Tree, Woburn Sands Francis Lee H M 31 Timber Dealer Wavendon
Elizabeth Lee W M 28 Dress Maker Aspley
George Lee S U 5 Scholar at home Wavendon
Edwin Lee S U 2 Wavendon
William Lee S U 3m Wavendon
31 Woburn Sands John Gibbon H M 38 Wheelwright Bowden, Cheshire
Catherine Gibbon W M 34 Lace Maker Shenley
Henry Gibbon S U 12 Scholar at home Shenley
John Gibbon S U 10 Scholar at home Hachleton, Northants
Thomas Gibbon S U 7 Scholar at home Newport P.
James Gibbon S U 1 Wavendon
32 Woburn Sands Thomas Cox H M 67 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Elizabeth Cox W M 59 Wavendon
Ann Cox D U 37 Lace Maker Wavendon
John Cox S U 28 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Harpen Cox S U 26 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Joseph Cox S U 22 Ag. Lab. Aspley
Benjamin Emers Lodger U 35 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
33 Woburn Sands Thomas Morris H M 76 Pauper Ag. Lab. Gt. Woolstone
Ann Morris W M 75 Moulsoe
John Furr Lodger M 22 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Ann Furr Lodger M 22 Ridgemont
34 Woburn Sands James Mabley H M 34 Labourer (Sawyer) Northampton
Elizabeth Mabley W M 32 Straw Platter Woburn
Mary Mabley D U 11 Straw Platter Wavendon
William Mabley S U 9 Scholar at home Wavendon
Caroline Mabley D U 6 Scholar at home Wavendon
George Mabley S U 1 Wavendon
Elizabeth Mabley D U 5m Wavendon
35 Woburn Sands Thomas Tansley H M 51 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Hanna Tansley W M 54 Lace Maker Wavendon
Thomas Tansley S U 19 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
36 Woburn Sands William Lee H M 81 Besom Maker Gletbury
Mary Lee W M 67 Wavendon
37 Woburn Sands Charles N. Inwood H M 50 Cord Wainer Wavendon
Ann Inwood W M 58 Aspley
Milicent Inwood D U 20 Wavendon
Ann L. Roberts Lodger M 28 Wavendon
George N. Roberts Lodger U 6 Aspley
38 Woburn Sands Eli Lee H M 34 Labourer Besom Maker Wavendon
Ann Lee W M 37 Wavendon
George Lee S U 10 Scholar at home Wavendon
Lydia Lee D U 8 Wavendon
39 Woburn Sands Thomas Goodall H M 44 Carpenter Wavendon
Ann Goodall W M 47 Lace Maker ???don, Beds
Eliza Goodall D U 21 Lace Maker Aspley
Harriet Goodall D U 18 Lace Maker Aspley
Elizabeth Goodall D U 11 Straw Platter Aspley
Emma Goodall D U 2 Straw Platter Aspley
40 Woburn Sands Francis Page H M 24 Labourers Brickmakers Husbourne Crawley
Mary Page W M 22 Buckingham
41 Woburn Sands James Birt H M 36 Ag. Lab. Bow Brickhill
Mary Birt W M 36 Lace Maker Broughton, Northants
Jabez Birt S U 2 Wavendon
George Farr U 25 Horse Keeper Wavendon
42 Woburn Sands Louis Claridge H M 33 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Sarah Claridge W M 31 Lace Maker Wavendon
George Claridge S U 12 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Emily Claridge D U 10 Straw Platter Wavendon
Eliza Claridge D U 8 Scholar at home Wavendon
James Claridge S U 5 Scholar at home Wavendon
John Claridge S U 3 Wavendon
43 Woburn Sands Thomas Adams H M 38 Farmer out of Business Wavendon
Sarah Adams W M 40 Olney
John Adams S U 16 Wavendon
William Adams S U 14 Scholar at home Wavendon
Mary Grace Serv U 18 Milton Keynes
44 Woburn Sands William Tansey H Wi 82 Pauper Ag. Lab. Wavendon
45 Woburn Sands William Collins H M 34 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Julia Collins W M 35 Lace Maker Wavendon
John Collins S U 13 Ag. Lab. Aspley
Julia Collins D U 11 Straw Platter Aspley
Jane Collins D U 10 Straw Platter Aspley
Ann Collins D U 8 Straw Platter Aspley
William Collins S U 4 Scholar at home Aspley
Eliza Collins D U 7m Wavendon
46 Woburn Sands Benjamin Herbert H M 35 Brickmaker Crawley
Ann Herbert W M 40 Aspley
47 Woburn Sands Thomas Jackson H M 42 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Charity Jackson W M 40 Woburn
Mary A. Jackson D U 16 Wavendon
William Jackson S U 9 Aspley
Thomas Jackson S U 3 Aspley
James Jackson S U 1 Wavendon
48 Woburn Sands George Pipkin H M 38 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Susan Pipkin W M 39 Lacemaker Wavendon
Thomas Pipkin S U 10 Wavendon
Mary Pipkin D U 8 Straw Plaiter Wavendon
Sarah Pipkin D U 3 Wavendon
Emma Pipkin D U 1m Wavendon
49 Woburn Sands George Warwick H M 49 Bricklayer Hardingstone
Elizabeth Warwick W M 46 Wavendon
50 Woburn Sands Francis Lee H M 71 Farmer Wavendon
Mary Lee W M 62 Great Brickhill
Francis Harodine Gr. Son U 9 Dunstable
51 Woburn Sands Henry Young H M 51 Bricklayer Aspley
Mary Young W M 49 Lacemaker Woburn
John Young S 26 Bricklayer Bow Brickhill
Arthur Young S 21 Bricklayer Aspley
Eliza Young D U 13 Straw Plaiter Wavendon
52 Woburn Sands James Morris H M 43 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Sarah Morris W M 48 Wavendon
53 Woburn Sands William Furr H M 28 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Mariah Furr W M 30 Wavendon
Elizabeth Furr D U 10 Wavendon
Thomas Furr S U 8 Wavendon
George Furr S U 3 Bow Brickhill
Edward Garrett Lodger U 23 Ag. Lab.
54 Woburn Sands Susan Odell H U 49 Proprietor of House Wavendon
William Dolton Lodger U 22 Carpenter Salford
Hannah Hart Visitor U 36 Lacemaker Whaddon
55 Woburn Sands James Millard H 40 Butcher Woburn
Ann Millard W 37 Wavendon
W. J. Millard S 16 Woburn
James Millard S 10 Aspley
56 Woburn Sands Mary Clarke H W 76 Lacemaker Little Brickhill
James Clarke Relative M 40 Basket Maker Longslade (Wavendon)
Jane Clarke Relative M 41 Whaddon
John Clarke Relative U 5 Longslade
William Clarke Relative U 1 Longslade
Robert Noble Visitor U 40 Basket Maker Longslade
57 Woburn Sands Frederick Whitlock H M 29 Chimney Sweep Wavendon
Jane Whitlock W M 29 Wavendon
Mary A. Whitlock D U 5 Wavendon
Sarah Whitlock D U 3 Wavendon
Richard Whitlock Lodger M 26 General Dealer Wavendon
Dainety Whitlock Lodgers W M 21 Newport
Frederick Whitlock Lodgers S U 6m Stoke, Middlesex
William Russell Serv U 15 Chimney Sweep Salford
58 Woburn Sands George Collins H M 56 Roadman Wavendon
Ann Collins W M 56 Bow Brickhill
Thomas Collins S U 20 Sawyer Wavendon
Eli Collins S U 15 Besom Maker Wavendon
59 Woburn Sands William Garrett H M 54 Carter Crawley
Elizabeth Garrett W M 60 Lacemaker Little Linford
60 Woburn Sands Jeremiah Perry H M 26 Baker Aspley
Mary Ann Perry W M 26 Dressmaker Bow Brickhill
Susannah Perry D U 5 Woburn
Mary Ann Perry D U 2 Woburn
Catherine Perry D U 1 Wavendon
Andrew Wootton U 20 Serv Bow Brickhill
61 Woburn Sands Robert Inwood H M 31 Sawyer Wavendon
Fret? Inwood W M 30 Wavendon
Mary A. Inwood D U 8 Wavendon
James Inwood S U 6 Wavendon
John Inwood S U 3 Wavendon
Thomas Inwood S U 6m Wavendon
62 Woburn Sands Edward Abbott H M 52 Journeyman Cordwainer Moulsoe
Elizabeth Abbott W M 59 Nurse Newport
63 Woburn Sands James Young H M 52 Bricklayer Aspley
Elizabeth Young W M 52 Laundress Eversholt
Thomas Young S U 18 Bricklayer Aspley
Lucy Young D U 15 Aspley
Joseph Young S U 12 Aspley
Jane Eagle Relative U 19 Laundress Wavendon
64 Woburn Sands George White H M 52 Ag. Lab. Steppingley
Sarah White W M 52 Toddington
James White S U 21 Ag. Lab. Steppingley
George White S U 19 Steppingley
Joseph White S U 16 Wavendon
Alfred White S U 12 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Charles White S U 9 Wavendon
65 Woburn Sands Daniel Jackson H M 38 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Eliza Jackson W M 38 Lacemaker Dunstable
Emily Jackson D U 12 Wavendon
George Jackson S U 9 Wavendon
Ann Elliott MiL Wi 61 Pauper Little Brickhill
William Elliott BiL U 17 Ag. Lab. Water Eaton
66 Woburn Sands Elizabeth (James) H M 56 Southwark
Sabina D U 16 Woburn
67 Woburn Sands William Tansey H M 49 Lathrender Wavendon
Maria Tansey W M 50 Shopkeeper Church Sutton
William Tansey S U 25 Lathrender Wavendon
68 Woburn Sands James Garrett H M 68 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Susan Garrett W M 68 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Elizabeth Inwood Lodger U 35 Lacemaker Wavendon
Ann Inwood Lodgers D U 12 Wavendon
69 Woburn Sands Charles Clark H M 25 Ag. Lab. Crawley
Jane Clark W M 25 Lacemaker Wavendon
James Clark S U 6 Aspley
Mary Clark D U 1 Wavendon
70 Woburn Sands George Butcher H M 23 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Eliza Butcher W M 21 Lacemaker Eversholt
Emily Butcher D U 1 Wavendon
71 Woburn Sands David Cook H M 24 Baker Bow Brickhill
Mary Cook W M 25 Aspley
William Cook S U 8m Wavendon
72 Woburn Sands James Hudson H M 48 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Mary Hudson W M 50 Lacemaker Northampton
Thomas Hudson S U 21 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
73 Woburn Sands John Coleman H M 54 Ag. Lab. Woburn
Mary Coleman W M 59 Lacemaker Woburn
Eliza Coleman Niece U 12 Woburn
74 Woburn Sands John Oliver H M 39 Ag. Lab. Crawley
Julia Oliver W M 30 Lacemaker Harling? Kent
Elizabeth Oliver D U 7 Crawley
Selina Oliver D U 5 Wavendon
75 Woburn Sands James Odams H M 24 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Ann Odams W M 20 Seamstress Aspley
Sarah Odams D U 1 Wavendon
76 Woburn Sands John Collins H M 42 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Elizabeth Collins W M 49 Lacemaker Wavendon
James Collins S U 17 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
John Collins S U 16 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
William Garrett Lodger U 19 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
James Garrett Lodger U 16 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
77 Woburn Sands Thomas Day H M 43 Horse Keeper Bow Brickhill
Ann Day W M 50 Lacemaker Aylesbury
George Day S U 20 Shoemaker Bow Brickhill
Bernard Day S U 18 Ag. Lab. Bow Brickhill
Caroline Day D U 16 Lace Maker Wavendon
Eli Day S U 14 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Eliza Day D U 10 Lacemaker Wavendon
Harriett Day D U 6 Wavendon
78 Woburn Sands William Young H M 25 Bricklayer Aspley
Sarah Young W M 27 Bonnet sewer Little Brickhill
Sarah Young D U 1m Wavendon
Hannah Borelli Visitor U 20 Straw Plaiter Little Brickhill
79 Woburn Sands Archer Emerton H M 28 Sawyer Crawley
Louisa Emerton W M 29 Straw Plaiter Wavendon
Caroline Emerton D U 8 Wavendon
Lydia Emerton D U 2 Aspley
Mary Emerton D U 7m Wavendon
80 Woburn Sands John Furr H M 50 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Elizabeth Furr W M 50 Lacemaker Wavendon
Edward Furr S U 12 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Ann Furr D U 10 Wavendon
Thomas Furr S U 4 Wavendon
81 Woburn Sands Thomas Garrett H M 45 Ag. Lab. Aspley
Eliza Garrett W M 37 Lacemaker Little Brickhill
Ann Garrett D U 13 Lacemaker Wavendon
Elizabeth Garrett D U 9 Wavendon
John Garrett S U 1 Wavendon
82 Woburn Sands George Cox H M 19 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Ann Cox W M 20 Straw plaiter Crawley
83 Woburn Sands William Inwood H M 41 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Sarah Inwood W M 45 Lacemaker Wavendon
Elizabeth Inwood D U 20 Lacemaker Wavendon
George Inwood S U 10 Ag. Lab. Wavendon
Ann Inwood D U 7 Wavendon
Caroline Inwood D U 5 Aspley
Robert Inwood S U 2 Wavendon
From the Bedfordshire side of the border, local entries from those listed under Aspley Guise:
67 Sands Henry Summerly H M 30 Cooper and Shoemaker Beds Aspley
Mary A Summerly W M 32 Beds Woburn
Emily S Summerly D U 3 Beds Aspley
Alfred W Summerly S U 10m Beds Aspley
68 Sands John Hurst H M 28 Ag Lab Beds Wobum
Mary Hurst W M 25 Lacemaker Beds Cranfield
Elizabeth Hurst D U 6 Beds Woburn
Mary A Hurst D U 8m Beds Aspley
69 Sands Fanny Pain H M 39 Straw Hat maker Beds Wingfield
William Pain S U 8 Scholar Beds Aspley
Mary A Pain D U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
John Pain S U 5 Beds Aspley
James Pain S U 3 Beds Aspley
Emily Pain D U 6m Beds Aspley
70 Sands Edmund Hobbs H M 32 Ratcatcher Bucks Bow Brickhill
Elizabeth Hobbs W M 37 Dressmaker Bucks Lavendon
William Hobbs S U 5 Beds Aspley
John Hobbs S U 2 Beds Aspley
71 Sands Thomas Peppitt H Wi 44 Brick Lab Beds Crawley
Thomas Peppitt S U 20 Ag Lab Beds Crawley
Sarah Peppitt D U 18 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
72 Sands William Grace H M 58 Ag Lab (Pauper) Beds Leighton
Elizabeth Grace W M 61 Bucks Bow Brickhill
73 Sands William Talbot H M 69 Chelsea Pensioner N’ton Aydon
Mary Talbot W M 50 Beds Crawley
James Keens SLaw U 20 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
John Keens SLaw U 13 Beds Aspley
Ellen Keens DLaw U 11 Beds Aspley
74 Sands William Hull H M 35 Besom Maker Beds Ampthill
Elizabeth Hull W M 35 Clerkenwell London
George Paternoster SLaw U 17 Dealer in small wares Beds Crawley
75 Sands William Large H M 43 Ag Lab Beds Flitwick
Eliza Large W M 40 Beds Woburn
Betsey Large D U 18 Beds Aspley
Thomas Large S U 15 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Maria Large D U 6 Beds Aspley
76 Sands Benjamin White H M 48 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Elizabeth White W M 44 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
Sarah White D U 24 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
Joseph White S U 13 Beds Crawley
77 Sands Alfred Smith H M 26 Horse dealer Beds Aspley
Esther Smith W M 28 Bucks Wavendon
78 Sands Joseph Millard H M 38 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Sarah Millard W M 35 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
Sarah Millard D U 15 Beds Aspley
Susan Millard D U 12 Beds Aspley
George Millard S U 7 Beds Aspley
Caroline Millard D U 5 Beds Aspley
Emma I Millard D U 3 Beds Aspley
Ann Millard D U 7m Beds Aspley
79 Sands Henry Dolton H M 30 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Ann Dolton W M 35 Bucks Newport
Benjamin Dolton S U 4 Bucks Wavendon
Elizabeth Dolton D U 2 Bucks Wavendon
Babe S U 2dy Beds Aspley
80 Sands Thomas Willingham H Wi 54 Ag Lab Beds Westoning
Julia Elmore Wi 41 Housekeeper Beds Steppingley
Phebe Elmore U 16 Housekeeper’s D Beds Steppingley
Julia Elmore U 7 Housekeeper’s D Beds Steppingley
81 Sands James Arnold H Wi 71 Pauper Ag Lab Beds Crawley
Ann Arnold D Wi 33 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
Mary A Arnold D U 10 Beds Aspley
Sarah Arnold D U 7 Bucks Bow Brickhill
Sarah Maddox L Wi 69 Pauper Lacemaker Northampton
82 Sands Joseph Caves H Wi 55 Pauper Ag Lab Beds Houghton Conquest
Ann Keens L U 55 Pauper Lacemaker Beds Steppingley
William Keens L U 50 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Byway L U 61 Bucks Stoke Goldington
83 Sands Ebenezer Clarke H M 44 Ag Lab Bucks Newport
Elizabeth Clarke W M 49 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
John Clarke S U 17 Ag Lab Beds Crawley
Edward Clarke S U 12 Beds Crawley
George Clarke S U 10 Beds Aspley
William Clarke S U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
Thomas Clarke S U 4 Scholar Beds Aspley
84 Sands Edwin Cureton H M 32 Moulder Salop Cobrookdale
Jane Cureton W M 30 Bucks Aylesbury
Mary Perrin Visit Wi 66 Bucks Whitchurch
85 Sands Elizabeth Mabley H Wi 73 Pauper Lacemaker N’ton Pattishall
86 Sands John Hopkins H M 59 Blacksmith Beds Toddington
Ann Hopkins W M 62 Beds Heath & Reach
William Ayres SLaw M 25 Ag Lab Beds Wooton
Fanny Ayres D M 26 Beds Toddington
Emma Ayres GD U 1 Beds Aspley
87 Sands John Griffith H M 40 Painter and Glazier Beds Aspley
Maria Griffith W M 33 Wilts Witton
John Griffith S U 18 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
88 Sands Harriet Griffen H Wi 39 Pauper Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
David Griffen S U 18 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
William Griffen S U 13 Bucks Wavendon
Julia Griffen D U 10 Beds Wobum
Susanna Griffen D U 8 Beds Aspley
Josiah Griffen S U 4 Beds Aspley
Reuben Griffen S U 1 Bucks Wavendon
89 Sands William Chance H M 39 Ag Lab Bucks Wavendon
Sarah Chance D U 15 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
John Chance S U 13 Ag Lab Bucks Wavendon
Mary Chance D U 4 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
90 Sands William Woodland H Wi 76 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Maria Perry D M 32 Beds Crawley
Mary Peters Visit U 18 Straw Plaiter Beds Crawley
91 Sands Samuel Kitelee H M 45 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Hannah Kitelee D U 21 Straw Plaiter Beds Aspley
William Kitelee S U 18 Ag Lab Beds Aspl ey
George Kitelee S U 16 Ag Lab Beds Aspl ey
Thomas Kitelee S U 13 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Henry Kitelee S U 11 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
John Kitelee S U 9 Beds Aspley
Joseph Kitelee S U 5 Beds Aspley
Jesse Kitelee S U 3 Beds Aspl ey
92 Sands Jacob Smith H M 50 Ganjy^ Beds Maulden
Mary Smith W M 51 Beds Old Warden
Elizabeth Smith D U 19 Beds Ampthill
Catherine Smith D U 13 Beds Ampthill
Hannah Smith D U 10 Beds Ampthill
Amelia Smith D U 5 Beds Aspley
93 Sands Charles Smith H M 40 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Diana Smith W M 38 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
Frederick Smith S U 17 Ag Lab Beds Crawley
Jesse Smith S U 13 Beds Crawley
Thomas Smith S U 11 Beds Crawley
Catherine Smith D U 8 Beds Aspley
94 Sands William Guy H M 42 Gamekeeper Beds Woburn
Sophia Guy W M 42 Beds Crawley
William Guy S U 14 General Servant Beds Aspley
Rebecca Guy D U 6 Beds Woburn
Mary A Guy D U 3 Beds Wobum
George Guy S U 1 Beds Aspley
95 Sands Jonathan Puttman H M 42 Blacksmith Bucks Newport
Elizabeth Puttman W M 40 Wilts Wilton
96 Sands Thomas Odell H M 79 Retired Stage Coachman Beds Aspley
Mary Odell W M 71 Bucks Eakley Lane
97 Sands John Litchfield H M 30 Servant Gardener Beds Aspley
Susanna Litchfield W M 36 N’ton Hartwell
Thomas Litchfield S U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
Eliza Litchfield D U 5 Scholar Beds Aspley
Emily Litchfield D U 3 Beds Woburn
Alfred Litchfield S U 1 Bucks Wavendon
98 Sands Thomas Blake H M 36 Rail Porter Oxon Horton
Emma Blake W M 30 Dressmaker Surrey Ripley
Arthur Blake S U 5 Scholar Surrey Ripley
William A Blake S U 1 Beds Aspley
James Groundsell L U 27 Rail Policeman Sussex Singleton
99 Sands Abraham Hobbs H M 34 Carpenter Bucks Bow Brickhill
Georgiana Hobbs W M 34 Beds Aspley
John Hobbs S U 12 Scholar Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Hobbs D U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
Emma Hobbs D U 5 Scholar Beds Aspley
Ann Hobbs D U 4 Scholar Beds Aspley
Charles Hobbs S U 2 Beds Aspley
100 Sands Charles Devereux H M 58 Carpenter Beds Potton
Harriett Devereux D U 24 Beds Woburn
William Devereux S M 22 Ag Lab Beds Woburn
Hannah Devereux SW M 21 Beds Crawley
Susanna Devereux D U 13 Beds Aspley
George Devereux S U 11 Beds Aspley
John Devereux GS U 1m Beds Aspley
101 Sands Richard Inwood H M 47 Bricklayer Bucks Wavendon
Mary Inwood W M 52 Lacemaker Beds Aspley
John Inwood S U 9 Scholar Beds Aspley
102 Sands James Herbert H Wi 70 Grocer and Lacedealer Bucks Olney
Hannah Herbert D U 30 Bucks Wavendon
Sarah Bartlett Serv U 50 General Servant Surrey Thorp
Susan Walton Serv U 43 Washerwoman Beds Aspley
103 Sands Jonas Barrett H M 39 Rail Porter N’ton Woodford
Sarah Barrett W M 32 Beds Hockcliffe
Sarah Barrert D U 8 Scholar Northampton
Mary Barrett D U 4 Scholar Middx St Pancras
William C Barrett S U 1 Beds Aspley
104 Puzzle Gardens John Byway H M 38 Ag Lab Bucks Bow Brickhill
Ann Byway W M 43 Bucks Fenny Stratford
William Byway S U 13 Bucks Bow Brickhill
James Byway S U 12 Bucks Bow Brickhill
Charles Byway S U 7 Bucks Bow Brickhill
105 Heath Hannah Summerly H M 54 Bonnet sewer Beds Woburn
Sarah A Hobbs GD U 8 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
Joseph Dawson L U 17 Apprentice Beds Wilding
106 Heath Jesse Sharp H M 64 Ag Lab N’ton Woodford
Maria Sharp W M 60 N’ton Adstone
Jesse Sharp S U 21 General Servant Beds Aspley
James Sinfield SLaw M 27 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Sinfield D M 25 Lacemaker N’ton Woodford
107 Heath Henry Sharp H M 29 Ag Lab N’ton Woodford
Martha Sharp W M 25 Bucks Newport
Joseph Sharp S U 6m Beds Aspley
108 Heath John Goodall H M 32 Sawyer Bucks Wavendon
Alice Goodall W M 32 Lacemaker Bucks Stoke Golding
George Goodall S U 8 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
Eliza Goodall D U 6 Scholar Beds Aspley
John Goodall S U 5 Scholar Beds Aspley
William Goodall S U 3 Beds Aspley
Mary A Goodall D U 1 Beds Aspley
Benjamin Bull BroLaw U 18 Bucks Stoke Golding
109 Heath Mary A Goodall H Wi 56 Seamstress Buckingham
John Sollom SLaw M 30 Sawyer Stafford
Jane Sollom D M 35 Plaiter Bucks Wavendon
Jane Sollorn GD U 9 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
Jane Minney GD U 10 Scholar Bucks Wavendon
110 Heath Daniel Hutton H M 38 Journeyman Carpenter Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Hutton W M 38 Lacemaker Bucks Whaddon
Rebecca Hutton D U 11 Scholar Beds Aspley
Ann Hutton D U 9 Scholar Beds Aspley
Jane Hutton D U 6 Scholar Beds Aspl ey
Charles Hutton S U 4 Beds Aspley
Caroline Hutton D U 6m Beds Aspley
111 Heath George Minnel H Wi 76 Gardener Beds Aspley
112 Heath Thomas Emmerton H M 56 Ropemaker Beds Greenfield
Mary Emmerton W M 58 Beds Aspley
113 Heath Thomas Butcher H M 44 Ag Lab Beds Not Known
Elizabeth Butcher W M 50 Weaver Oxon Overthorpe
Thomas Butcher S U 23 Ag Lab Beds Tingrith
Joseph Butcher S U 19 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Charles Butcher S U 16 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
114 Heath Eli Dolton H M 27 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Ann Dolton W M 26 Lacemaker Beds Ridgemount
John E Dolton S U 7 Beds Crawley
Mary Dolton D U 3 Beds Aspley
Arthur Dolton S U 1 Beds Aspley
115 Heath John Dolton H M 52 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Ruth Dolton W M 52 Lacemaker Beds Waddesdon
Martha Dolton D U 14 Beds Aspley
George Dolton S U 15 Beds Aspley
Mary Dolton D U 8 Beds Aspley
116 Heath David Jenkens H M 32 Ag Lab Bucks Bow Brickhill
Elizabeth Jenkens W M 31 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
Elizabeth Jenkens D U 7 Scholar Beds Crawley
117 Heath Joseph Jenkens H M 55 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
118 Heath Thomas Giles H M 44 Shepherd Bucks Wavendon
Sarah Giles W M 46 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
Lev! Giles S U 25 Ag Lab Bucks Wavendon
George Giles S U 23 Ag Lab Bucks Wavendon
Susan Giles D U 21 Bucks Wavendon
Joseph Giles S U 18 Beds Aspley
John Giles S U 10 Beds Aspley
William Giles S U 5 Beds Aspley
119 Heath John Giles H M 32 Lath render Beds Aspley
Eliza Giles W M 30 Beds Crawley
Mary A Giles D U 9 Scholar Beds Aspley
Jane Giles D U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
Henry Giles S U 5 Scholar Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Giles D U 3 Scholar Beds Aspley
John Giles S U 1 Beds Aspley
Ann Giles D Wi 74 Pauper Lacemaker Beds Salford
William Seabrook Visit M 34 Bricklayer Beds Kempston
120 Heath John Henman H M 57 Ratcatcher Beds Aspley
Mary Henman W M 65 Lacemaker Beds Eversholt
121 Heath Samuel Henman H M 33 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Ann Henman W M 37 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
Susan Henman D U 4 Beds Aspley
Mary Henman D U 1 Beds Aspley
Phillip Henman B U 32 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Joseph Farmer L U 16 Ag Lab Beds Steppingley
122 Heath John Quarry H M 39 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Mary Quarry W M 37 N’ton Grimsbury
Ann Quarry D U 10 Beds Aspley
Emma Quarry D U 6 Beds Aspley
Charles Quarry S U 4 Beds Aspley
Betsey Quarry D U 1 Beds Aspley
123 Heath William Perry H M 55 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Sarah Perry W M 59 Bucks Stoke Golding
James Perry S M 32 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
John Perry S M 30 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Perry SW M 27 Bucks Olney
William Collins L U 12 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
124 Heath John Dolton H M 25 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Dolton W M 26 Beds Aspley
Sarah Bandy WM Wi 64 Beds Heath & Reach
125 Heath James Whipham H M 47 Gardener Beds Aspley
Catherine Whipham W M 48 Beds Aspley
126 Heath Isaac Webb H M 56 Ag Lab Beds Leighton
Ann Webb W M 55 Lacemaker N’ton Ecton
John Webb S U 16 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Sarah Butcher DLaw U 18 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
Joseph Malcher SLaw L 23 Ag Lab Bucks Newport
Amelia Malcher D L 22 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
George Malcher GS L 5m Beds Aspley
127 Heath Thomas Keens H M 44 Journeyman Bricklayer Beds Aspley
Sarah Keens W M 43 Beds Crawley
Catherine Keens D U 20 Bonnet sewer Beds Aspley
Ann Keens D U 18 Lacemaker Beds Aspley
Emily Keens D U 15 Lacemaker Beds Aspley
Sarah Keens D U 12 Lacemaker Beds Aspley
Eliza Keens D U 8 Lacemaker Beds Aspley
Mary A Keens D U 5 Beds Aspley
128 Heath James Perry H M 33 Servant Beds Aspley
Mary Perry W M 33 Beds Woburn
John Perry S U 9 Scholar Beds Aspley
Maria Perry D U 7 Scholar Beds Aspley
James Perry S U 4 Scholar Beds Aspley
129 Heath John Jenkens H M 47 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Jane Jenkens W M 46 Lacemaker Bucks Wavendon
James Jenkens S U 23 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Joseph Jenkens S U 20 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Lydia Jenkens D U 10 Beds Aspley
Thomas Jenkens S U 6 Beds Aspley
Mary A Jenkens D U 2 Beds Aspley
130 Heath Ireland Gabriel H M 69 Ag Lab Beds Woburn
Ireland Elizabeth W M 64 Norfolk Pulham Market
131 Sands Elizabeth Smith H Wi 64 Pauper Beds Aspley
Catherine Smith D U 25 Lacemaker Beds Woburn
William Smith S U 23 Ag Lab Beds Woburn
Elizabeth Smith GD U 5 Beds Aspley
132 Aspley Mills Henry Durrant H M 53 Miller Suffolk Fristum
Elizabeth Durrant W M 48 Bucks Wavendon
George Durrant S U 16 Beds Aspley
John Durrant S U 14 Scholar Beds Aspley
Jane Durrant D U 13 Scholar Beds Aspley
William Durrant S U 10 Scholar Beds Aspley
Frederick Durrant S U 8 Scholar Beds Aspley
Ann Ward Wsis U 46 Cook Bucks Wavendon
Ann Eaton Serv U 17 General Servant Bucks Simpson
133 Weathercock Lane John Robertson H M 49 Sawyer Beds Flitwick
Mary Robertson W M 46 Beds Woburn
Joseph Robertson S U 20 Ag Lab Beds Woburn
James Robertson S U 18 Ag Lab Beds Wobum
Samuel Robertson S U 14 Ag Lab Beds Wobum
Eliza Robertson D U 12 Scholar Beds Wobum
Mary Robertson D U 9 Scholar Beds Woburn
Sarah Robertson D U 3 Scholar Beds Woburn
134 Weathercock Lane Nathan Going H M 45 Ag Lab Bucks Wavendon
Eliza Going W M 34 Lacemaker Beds Crawley
William Going S U 20 Ag Lab Beds Aspley
Mary Going D U 13 Straw Plaiter Beds Aspley
Harriett Peppitt DLaw U 11 Straw Plaiter Beds Aspley
Jane Going D U 10 Straw Plaiter Beds Aspley
Benjamin Peppitt SLaw U 9 Beds Aspley
Mary Ann Going D U 5 Beds Aspley
Eliza Going D U 3 Beds Aspley
Elizabeth Going D U Beds Aspley
Nathan Going S U 7m Beds Aspley
135 Weathercock Lane Joseph Herbert H M 55 Brickmaker Beds Crawley
Eliza Harbert W M 39 Bucks Wavendon
136 Weathercock Lane Solomon Hedges H M 37 Rail Porter Oxon Ensham
Mary Hedges W M 36 Oxon Black Burton
Charles Hedges S U 9 Scholar Oxon Ensham
James Hedges S U 7 Oxon Ensham
Elizabeth Hedges D U 4 N’ron Weedon
Catherine Miller Visit M 38 Dressmaker Oxon Black Burton
137 Weathercock Lane Benjamin Dolton H M 32 Brickmaker Herts Little Gaddesdon
Maria Dolton W M 32 Bucks Wavendon
Andrew Dolton S U 6 Beds Aspley
Jesse Dolton S U 6m Beds Aspley
Ann Going Serv U 16 General Servant Beds Aspley
138 Weathercock Lane Charles Inwood H M 23 Tailor Beds Crawley
Mary A Inwood W M 25 Beds Colmworth
Charles Inwood S U 6dy Beds Aspley
Ann Krimman Visit 45 Nurse Beds Colmworth
139 Weathercock Lane Nundee Abbott U 14 Ag Lab Beds Salford
140 Weathercock Lane Frederick Hutton H M 32 Bricklayer – employs 4 men, 1 boy Beds Aspley
Caroline Hutton D U 3m Beds Aspley
Ann Pipkin Serv U 13 General Servant Bucks Wavendon
141 Weathercock Lane Robert Bailey H M 32 Farmer & Innkeeper. 48 acres employing 4 Lab N’ton Harleston
Caroline Bailey W M 30 Beds Aspley
John Bailey S U 3 Beds Aspley
Frederick Bailey S U 1m Beds Aspley
Lucy Fairey Serv U 17 General Servant N’ton Boughton
Arthur Hutton Lodger U 24 Bricklayer Beds Aspley

Last updated Dec. 2018.