Woburn is a neat market town, distant 15 miles from Bedford 42 miles from London, and 24 miles from Woburn Sands station of the London and North Western Railway. The population in 1851 was 2,048, and in 1861, by the recent census, it was 1,764.  The Market House, a very neat building, stands in the centre of the town. The market day is on Friday, and there are fairs on January 1st, Mach 23rd, July 13th, and October 6th.  The pillow lace and straw plait trades find employment to the inhabitants. There are several charities and endowments, nearly the whole of which proceed from the family of the Duke of Bedford. There are 12 almshouses, also schools for boys and girls.  The Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a fine structure, with a pinnacled tower, surmounted by an octagonal lantern and vane. The living is a donative curacy, in the gift of the Duke of Bedford.  Woburn Abbey is an object of great attraction to the visitors to this neighbourhood. It is a large quadrangular mansion, containing a very fine sculpture gallery, supported by pillars of marble. It also contains a very good collection of paintings by the ancient and modern masters, and a mosaic pavement from Rome. The Abbey is surrounded by a very large park, well stocked with deer.

Post Office. Postmaster – Mr. Joseph Sergeant.
Night Mail arrives 4.30 a.m. Letters delivered 7 a.m.
Day Mail arrives 12.15 p.m. Letters delivered 12.30 p.m.
First Despatch, 9.50 a.m. London and all parts
Second Despatch, 6.35 p.m North and West of England
Third Despatch, 10 p.m. AIl parts
Money Orders are issued and paid at this office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Places of Worship.
St. Mary’s Church
Independent, Chapel Street
Primitive Methodist, New Street
Baptist, Leighton Street
Wesleyan, Leighton Street
New Baptist, Leighton Street
Primitive Methodist, Woburn Sands

Town Hall. Petty Sessions every alternate Friday.

Lord Charles James Fox Russell
Rev. John Vaux Moore
William Lyon Smart, esq.
Major William Cooper Cooper, esq.
Rev. Edward Orlebar Smith
Colonel Richard Thomas Gilpin, MP.
Charles Harvey Smith, esq.

Police Station, Leighton Street.
Superintendent – William Ralph Young.

Gas and Coke Company, Leighton Street.
Secretary – George Bawdler Clarke
Manager – James Wesley

Literary and Scientific Institution, Town Hall.
Secretary – Mr. Joseph Sergeant.

Board Day every alternate Friday.
Master – Henry Hughes
Mistress – Mrs. Mary Ann Davis
Surgeon – Henry Veasey
Relieving Officer – John Dextor.

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, George Street.

British Free Schools, Leighton Street.
Master – George Mills

British Girls’ School, High Street.
Mistress – Miss Jane Mitchell.

Infant School, High Street.
Mistress – Miss Margaret Dolin.

Savings Bank, Town Hall.
Open from 11 until 12, first Saturday in every month.
Treasurer – Henry Thomas Rolfe.

Penny Savings Bank.
Open every Monday evening, at 7 o’clock.
Secretary – Mr. George Wilson.

Directory of Woburn
Rev. James Andrews, Independent, High Street
Henry Atterbury, farms; Speedwell farm
Miss Lucy Atwood, Market Place
Robert Bailey, Weathercock, Woburn Sands
Joseph Barewell, Royal Oak, George Street
John Barr, Bedford Arms hotel and posting house; Excise Office; agent to the North Western railway, George Street
John Beard, baker, High Street
His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Woburn Abbey
John Bennett, beer retailer, George Street
Mr. Thomas Bennett, land steward, Park Farm Office Woburn Abbey
John Bird, wheelwright and smith, Leighton Street
William Birtchnell, stone mason, Leighton Street
William Bliss, esq. High Street
John Botsford, shopkeeper, Chapel Street
Mrs Mary Buckett, Black Horse inn, High Street
Thomas Bunker, carpenter, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, High Street
Mrs. Ann Burtt, Greyhound, Leighton Street
John Button, tin plate worker and brazier, High Street
Mr. George Castleden, George Street
Mr &. Maria, Cawthra, High Street
Miss Mary, Circuitt, High Street
Elizabeth and Jane, Clarke, day school, High Street
George Bowdler Clarke, surgeon dentist secretary to Woburn gas and coke company, agent to the Sun fire and life office, Park Street
Mr. George Clarke, house steward, Woburn Abbey
Isabella Clarke, druggist and grocer, proprietor of the Wheat Protector (see advertisement), Park Street
Josiah Clark, grocer and news agent, High Street
William Crofts, wholesale agent for Down’s Farmer’s Friend, for the prevention of smut in wheat, High Street
William Cobb, esq. Leighton Street
John Carrington Conquest, solicitor, High Street
Rev. Edward Wilson Cook, M.A. curate, George Street
Joseph Crouch, farmer, Horsemoor farm
Leonard Crouch, farmer, Grange farm
Rev. Samuel Francis Cumberlege, M.A. incumbent of St. Mary’s
Miss Emma Davis, Woburn Sands
John Dexter, registrar of births and deaths, and relieving officer, Leighton Street
H. Down and Co. proprietors of the Farmer’s Friend, for the prevention of smut in wheat, High Street
Mrs. Emma Down, High Street
John Dumpelton, tailor and draper, George Street
George Thomas Edmond, butcher, Chapel Street
William Barrow, pharmaceutical chemist, and tea, coffee and spice dealer, High Street
James Fowler, maltster and brewer, Leighton Street
Benjamin Foxley, grocer, Market Place
Joseph Foxley, shopkeeper, George Street
William Edward Rogers Freeman, brewer, wine, spirit, and corn merchant, Market Place
William Edward Rogers Freeman, grocer and chemist, agent to the London assurance company High Street
Robert Garner, tailor, George Street
George Gascoyen, farmer, Birchmore House

John Gilby, linen and woollen draper, High Street
John Green, solicitor, George Street, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for Redbournestoke, clerk to the magistrate, of Woburn, Leighton, and Ampthill division, coroner for the Queen’s honour, Ampthill, clerk to the Beds lieutenancy
William Frederick Green, George Street, clerk to the commissioners of land and property tax, for Manshead division
John Thomas Green, esq. High Street
William Powell Green, bricklayer and plasterer, Ampthill Road
Emma Frances Green, ladies’ school, George Street
Charles Hacker, surveyor of works to the Duke of Bedford, Woburn Park
Henry Holmes Hall, blacksmith, High Street
Miss Ann Hall, baker; Market Place
George Hilton, auctioneer, architect, and surveyor; Market Place
David Hammond, saddle and harness maker, High Street
Mr. William Hannell, Bleak House
Mrs. Mary Louisa Havart, ladies’ boarding school, Drakeloe Lodge
Benjamin Lawrence Hawkins, surgeon, George Street
William Harland, stationer, Market Place
Mrs. Charlotte Hartwell, draper; Woburn Sands
Lewis Harvey, tailor and general outfitter, High Street
James Healey, Bell, High Street
William Heighington, boot and shoe-maker, High Street
Mrs. Ann Ratliffe Heighington, The Cottage
Hensman and Sons, engineers and agricultural implement makers, Castle Works, High Street
James Andrew Herbert, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Market Place
Eliza House, milliner and draper, George Street
John Hill, Magpie inn, High Street
Thomas Hudson, grocer and butcher, Woburn Sands
Frederick Jackson, builder, Woburn Sands
George Kemp, Sun, George Street
Richard Charles Key, esq. Cousin House, Woburn Sands
Edward Kinnis, tailor and draper, High Street
Mrs. Susan Knott, greengrocer, High Street
Jesse Lewis, White Horse, Leighton Street
Robert James Lilley, pastrycook and confectioner, High Street
Mrs. Price MacCrea, George Street
John McKay, draper and tea dealer, Park Street
John Mapley, White Bear, Chapel Street
Mrs. Harriett Meallin, Leighton Street
Peter Woods Millard, plumber, painter and glazier, Park Street
Mr. Thomas Miller, High Street
Peter Nicholl, Wheatsheaf inn, Market Place
Mary Hawtrey Nixon, builder, plumber, painter, and glazier, High Street
William Nottingham, whitesmith, Chapel Street
John Pearson, hairdresser; perfumer, and fancy repository, High Street
John Charles Peeling, printer, bookseller, stationer, paperhanger, and house decorator; agent to the Norwich Union fire office, and the Norfolk farmers’ cattle insurance society, High Street
William Perkins, linen and woollen draper, Bedford Street
Miss Elizabeth Porter, George Street
Mr. John Price, Park Street
Charles Purser, boot and shoemaker, George Street
Robert Reddall, watch and clock maker, George Street
Mrs. Ann Reddall, George Street
William Roberts, boot and shoemaker stamp office, High Street
William Robinson, saddle and harness maker, Market Place
James Roebuck, baker, Leighton Street
Joseph Rush, boot and shoemaker; parish clerk, Market Place
Lord Charles James Fox Russell, George Street
Edward Sanders, hay, straw, and manure dealer, Market Place
Marian Sanders, carrier and coal merchant; in connection with Chaplin and Horne; agent to the London and North Western railway company; agent for the sale of Burton ales and London stout, Market Place
Joseph Sergeant, postmaster; printer, bookseller, and stationer; agent to the County fire office, and the Provident life office, High Street
Miss Elizabeth Slinn, Leighton Street
John Slinn, linen and woollen draper, George Street
George Smith, Shoulder of Mutton, Leighton Street
Mr. William Henry Smith, Park Street
George Smith, town crier, George Street
Peter Smith, cooper, High Street
William Staniford, bricklayer, Leighton Street
John Steers, butcher, High Street
Richard Stephens, superintendent of works, Woburn Park
Charles Thurlow, Rose and Crown, Park Street
Francis Tompkins, Birchmoor Arms
Abraham Page Turney, grocer and provision dealer, High Street
Janice Tutt, plasterer, High Street
Henry Veasey, surgeon, High Street
Miss Susannah Weldale, George Street
Mr. Frederick Whitlock, Leighton Street
Frederick Whitlock, timber merchant, auctioneer, and valuer
Mr. William Wiseman, High Street
Mr. George Thomas Wilson, Park Street
Henry Thomas Wolfe, iron and brass-founder, and general ironmonger, George Street
Charles Woodstock, chemist and druggist, Park Street
Mr. Charles Woodstock, High Street
James Woodward, land surveyor and valuer, auctioneer and estate agent, Leighton Street
Joseph Yates, upholsterer and cabinet-maker, High Street


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