The Woburn Sands section from the Post Office Telephone Directory of 1907:

[My thanks to Grace’s Guide, the website for British Industrial history, for making it available.]


Woburn Sands

The Exchange is always open. The sectional Engineer, Post Office, Northampton. The Lineman, Post Office, Fenny Stratford.

1 Call Office Post Office
2 Barker, J., Horse Dealer Woburn Sands
3 Brander, R.L., Surgeon Woodfield
5 Collin, G., Tailor, Habit Maker Westbury House
6 Grimshaw, C. Aspley Guise
4 Hammond, R. T., Hotel Proprieter Swan Hotel
21 Harrington, Wm., Draper and Milliner Woburn Sands
7 Harris, S., The Maltings House Aspley Guise
X7 Harris, S., The Holt Aspley Guise
12 Lockhart, G. C. G., J.P. for Beds. “The Dene”
13 McMurtrie, J., House furnisher, upholsterer High Street
15 Needham, W. Haydon House
16 Powage Press Ltd., Printers & Publishers, Powage House Aspley Guise
20 Redfern, T. R., Solicitor Sandymount
17 Sinfield, C., Builder and Contractor Aspley Guise
18 Station Brick and Tile works (C. Dudley) Woburn Sands
19 Station Hotel (J. T. Luttman, Proprietor) Railway Station
Yes, a habit-maker, as this advert from a 1908 booklet shows….


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