The Woburn Sands section of Macdonalds Trade Directory for 1930.

(Including Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, Eversholt, Husborne Crawley, Ridgmont, Tingrith, Woburn &c.)

Early closing – Wednesday.

Agricultural Engineers
Attack Bros., Station Road, Ridgmont; General and shoeing smiths; traction engines repaired. Phone no. Woburn, 10X1

Auctioneers and Surveyors
W. A. Foll, Station Road; Also house and estate agent and valuer. Phone no. 9

C. A. Barnwell, Pine Grove Bakery, Aspley Guise
Charles King, Bedford Street, Woburn
H. B. Partridge, The Square
A. Smith, Church End, Eversholt

Barclays Bank Ltd., Leighton Street, Woburn
Westminster Bank, Ltd., High Street

W. J. Deacon, Market Square, Woburn
F. Keens, 6 London Road, Woburn

T. W. Appley, Station Road
E. Biles, White End, Eversholt
A. Woodcraft, Ridgmont

Booksellers and Stationers
Fisher & Sons, High Street, Woburn
A. J. Holmes
Smith & Son, Ltd., High Street

Boot and Shoe Makers
T. W. Brown, West Hill, Aspley Guise
J. Gardiner, Aspley Hill
H. Goodman, London Road, Woburn
T. Hallworth, High Street
L. W. Jones, 54 Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise; All repairs neatly executed; hand-sewn work a speciality
W. Jones, Ridgmont
Leslie Leigh-Lancaster, High Street; also naval, military, and civil bootmaker and clothier; hosiery, etc.
Maynard, Frederick Charles, West Hill, Aspley Guise; specialities – Hand sewn work and repairs
Roberts, Mrs, High Street, Woburn
C. Wagstaff, High Street
W. H. White, 33 High Street, Ridgmont

Benskin’s Watford Brewery Co., Ltd., High Street

Brick and Tile Makers
Dudley & Sons, Station Road
Eastwoods Ltd., Woburn Sands

T. Day, Aspley Guise
M. Fleet, Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise
C. Hutton, Chapel Street
William Kent, Aspley Hill
C. Sinfield & Sons, Aspley Guise

J. B. Barnwell, Aspley Guise
G. Crawley, Bedford Street, Woburn
Sidney Crawley, High Street; Family and pork butcher; best English meat only; All home-killed meat killed at our own slaughter house; best quality; lowest prices
F. Denton, 13 Bedford Road, Aspley Guise
Eastmans, Ltd., High Street
H. James, High Street, Ridgmont
F. J. Negus, High Street, Woburn
J. W Pratt, Aspley Hill
T. Taylor, Brook End, Eversholt

C. Herbert, Bedford Street, Woburn
E. Squire, Russell Street

Chemists and Pharmacists
E. F. Bathurst, High Street

Bathurst Chemist. Building still a chemists today.

Coal Merchants
J. Barton, Station Road
W. H. Bliss, The Station Yard, L. and N.-W. Railway Station
H. Francis, Ridgmont Station
C. Franklin, Station Road
T. Tompkins, Market Square, Woburn

C. A. Barnwell, Pine Grove Bakery, Aspley Guise
Beesley, Mrs, High Street, Woburn
Coleman, Miss, The Square
A. F. Collins, Miss, High Street
A. Kingham, Station Road
J. W. Mitchelmore, High Street
H. Newling, Mrs, The Square
A. Tull, Mrs, Woburn Road
Whitbread, Mrs, Station Road

Corn Merchants
C. A. Barnwell, Pine Grove Bakery, Aspley Guise

Baker’s Dairy, Station Road
W. G. Cooper, Theydon Avenue
Fryer Bros., Aspley Guise
J. Millard & Sons, Aspley Guise
C. S Whitmee, Wood Street

F. P. Chapman, High Street
John Gilbey, 12 High Street, Woburn
H. Hooper, High Street; also ladies’ and gent’s outfitter
J. Pacey, Ridgmont
Pleasant & Summerford, High Street
E. C. Stockton, High Street
W. B. Toogood, High Street

Mann, Misses, Bedford Street, Woburn
Roe, Mrs, Aspley Road

Flour Merchants
C. A. Barnwell, Pine Grove Bakery, Aspley Guise

Fruiterers and Greengrocers
P. Balderston, The Square, Aspley Guise
J. T. Burley, The Fruit and Vegetable Shop, High Street; also confectioner
Davies, Mrs, Aspley Hill
B. A. Roper, The Square, Aspley Guise
White Brothers, High Street; also nurserymen and florists

Daniel Askew, Ridgmont, Aspley Guise; general shopkeeper
S. H. Bedford, Ridgmont
T. W. Crute, The Square, Aspley Guise; family grocer, provision merchant, and tea and coffee specialist; coffee freshly roasted daily. Phone No. 59
O. Davis, Station Road
Dudeney & Johnston, Ltd., High Street
A. Dunkley, High Street
W. H. Elliott, High Street
W. Linger, Aspley Heath
E. R. Lovell, Eversholt
A. Markwell
Porter & Son, Aspley Guise
Turner & Sons, High Street, Woburn
G. H. Whittleton, Aspley Hill

Guest Houses
The Mount, En-Pension, Aspley Guise

G.  F. Wesley, High Street

Leslie Leigh-Lancaster, High street; also dealer in china, glass, and hardware

Bedford Arms Hotel, Woburn
Fir Tree Hotel, High Street
Magpie Hotel, 18 Bedford Street, Woburn. A. Pullin, proprietor. Phone No. 19
“Station Hotel,” adjoining Station; splendid accommodation for visitors and motorists; fully licensed; Phipps fine ales and stout; catering a speciality; garage. A. Hinde, proprietor. Phone No. 36
Swan Hotel, High Street; family and commercial; cars for hire; private lock-up garage; billiards, etc. H. C. H. Sanders, proprietor. Phone No. 4

House Furnishers
G. Andrews, High Street, Woburn
James McMurtrie, High Street

Inns Anchor
(The), Aspley Guise
Bedford Arms, Husborne Crawley
Bell, Aspley Guise
Bell. 21 Bedford Street, Woburn
Birchmoor Arms, Newport Road, Woburn
Black Horse, Bedford Street, Woburn
Bull Inn, Husborne Crawley
Dukes Head, Aspley Guise
Falcon, Eversholt
Green Man, Church End, Eversholt
Maypole, Aspley Hill
Red Lion, Aspley Guise
Red Lion Inn, Eversholt
Red Lion Inn, Ridgmont
Rose and Crown, High Street, Ridgmont
Royal Oak (The), London Road, Woburn
Steamer (The), Aspley Guise
Swan Inn, Tingrith
Weathercock Inn, Station Road
Wheatsheaf Inn, Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise; best wines and spirits; also tennis courts open (Sundays included). E. W. Long, proprietor
White Hart, Ridgmont
White Horse, Husborne Crawley, Aspley Guise

W. Chandler, Aspley Guise
William Lane, Aspley Guise

Ladies’ Outfitters
Pleasant & Summerford, High Street

Monumental Masons
F. Mills, 33 Leighton Street, Woburn

Motor and Coach Builders
Last & Son, Russell Street

Motor and Motor Cycle Engineers
Ames & Son, Woburn
L. Blanchard, Station Road
G. S. Mepstead, & Son, Station Road; also motor and cycle agents and engineers; cycles and accessories of all makes stocked; tyres of all sizes stocked; petrol and motor oils. Tel. add. “Mepstead, Woburn Sands.” Phone No. 25
F. Pikesley, High Street
Rice & Son, Hardwick Road; taxi-cabs for hire, Phone No. 13
V. H. Smith, Wood Street
J. Woodland, Ridgmont

“Woburn and District Reporter”

Our local paper The Woburn Reporter
The Woburn and District Reporter

Oil Merchants
G. K. Lynn, Station Road; linseed, lubricating and harness oils, sundries, etc.; also general merchant. Phone No. 37

D. Henman, Wood Street

A. Gibbons, Aspley Guise
F. Wilkins, Station Road

A. Hudson, & Sons, Aspley Heath
A. E. Tyers, Wood Street
E. J. Tyers, 2 George Street, Woburn

Fisher & Sons, 1 High Street, Woburn. Phone No. Woburn, 1
J. Kemp, & Co., Ltd., Aspley Guise Powage (The) Press, Ltd., Aspley Guise

Refreshment Rooms
Coleman, Miss, The Square
E. Lilley, High Street, Woburn
R. F. Vasie, High Street

Rope and Twine Manufacturers
C. Featherstonhaugh, Station Road. Phone No. 37

G. R. Boughton, The Square, Woburn
F. A. Hammond

William Henry Smith, Leighton Street, Woburn
T. T. Tanqueray, George Street, Woburn

Tailors and Clothiers
W. G. Day, Chapel Street
A. Lawson, Aspley Guise
McKay Bros., The Square, Woburn
E. Richardson, George Street, Woburn
E. C. Squires, Station Road

Braddick, A. M., West Street, Aspley Guise; also confectioner
Perriam, C. E., High Street; high-class tobacconist and cigar dealer; blended cigarettes a speciality; pipes and smokers’ requisites in great variety; agent for Ensign cameras
J. Warrick, Aspley Guise

Traction Engine Proprietors
Ernest Woodland, Station Road, Ridgmont

W. H. Marshall, Leighton Street, Woburn
J. Pikesley, Post Office
E. G. Smith, Hardwick Road

Emms & Sons, High Street

Wireless Engineers
G. S. Mepstead & Son, Station Road

C. Byway, Aspley Hill; picture-frame maker
Dovey, Mrs, High Street, fancy repository
R. G. Garratt, Ridgmont; wheelwright
H. Giles, & Son, High Street; lath renders
Haven Nursery, Station Road
E. & G. Hobbs, Ridgmont; fruit farmers
Knoll Preparatory School for Boys, Aspley Heath
G. E. Popple, Edward Street; ironmonger [Russell Street?]
G. Tansley, High Street; china, etc., dealer
E. Wooding, High Street; fishmonger


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