The Woburn Sands trade entries in the Telephone Directory of 1964:

An interesting comparison to early Kellys Directories, these are the 1964 Telephone Directory entries for the Woburn Sands Exchange. Later, when the series of numbers ran out, a “58” was added at the front of numbers.

Section Name Address WS
Accountants H S Baker & Co 9 High Street 2031
Advertising Agents and Contractors Christian Sales Development J P Ltd The Studio, Downham Road 3312
Agricultural Contractor Turney, D F Mount Pleasant House, Aspley Guise 2389
Achitects and Surveyors Travis, Kenneth FRIBA Brakenside, Aspely Heath 3317
Bakers Neale, Thomas A White Poplars, Wavendon 2219
Bakers and Confectioners Greening, P W & Son The Square 2284
Bakers and Confectioners Lewis & Co (Woburn Sands) Ltd Russell Street 3149
Bakers and Confectioners Watson, W J & Son Market Square, Aspely Guise 3258
Banks Barclays Bank Ltd High Street 2270
Banks Westminister Bank Ltd High Street 2138
Bolt and Nut Manufacturers Wombwell & Smith Ltd Wavendon 3127
Booksellers W H Smith Library High Street 3291
Boot and Shoe Retailers C Wagstaff 59 High Street 2333
Brick Makers Dudley Brick and Tile Co Ltd Station Works 3232
Builders and Contractors Context Joinery 12 Russell Street 3074
Builders and Contractors Dawkins, A & K Ltd Garston, The Leys 2073
Builders and Contractors Dawkins, J V A Bow Brickhill Road 3036
Builders and Contractors Hutton C & Co 9 Station Road 3131
Builders and Contractors Norman, Leslie F 6 The Terrace, Aspley Guise 2340
Builders and Contractors Sinfield, Charles & Sons (Aspley) Ltd Bedford Road 3217
Builders and Contractors Sinfield, Charles & Sons (Aspley) Ltd Aspley Guise 3298
Builders and Contractors Sinfield, R C Five Pines, Wood Lane, Aspley Guise 2037
Builders and Contractors Walker J H & Son (Aspley Guise) Ltd 70 Weathercock Lane 2108
Butchers Barnwells, J B Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise 3290
Butchers Dutton G F Bedford Road, Aspley Guise 3134
Butchers Eastmans Ltd High Street 3138
Butchers Pratt J W Aspley Hill 3027
Café Horseman, Eileen O The Tea Cosy, The Square 3119
Chemists Bathurst Ernest F Ltd 31 High Street 3243
China Glass & Earthenware Merch & Dealers McHardy John 27 High Street 3370
Chocolate Manufacturers Berk F W & Co Aspley Lane Woburn 3081
Coal & Coke Merchants Anstee & Lawson 75 Station Road 3064
Coal & Coke Merchants Franklin Charles Ltd Station Road 2218
Confectioners Retail Edwards A 98 Station Road 2113
Confectioners Retail Wilson D 43 High Street 3285
Contrators Burgess L A 28 Church Road, Aspley Heath 3047
Contrators Firbank C & Son Ltd Wavendon 3251
Co-operative Society High Street 2155
Co-operative Society 21 High Street 2263
Co-operative Society Butchers High Street 3130
Corn & Seed Merchants Grout R A (A Missenden Ltd) Berry Lane Aspley Guise 3350
Corps & Councils Aspley Guise Fulbrook School 2022
Corps & Councils Aspley Guise Primary 2245
Corps & Councils Aspley Heath Primary 2101
Corps & Councils Highways Parkside Husborne Crawley 3196
Corps & Councils District Surveyor (P H Fox) 7 Church Road Aspley Hreath 3397
Corps & Councils Library Friends Meeting House 2033
Dairyman Woods, R E Haines 3323
Dental Surgeon Costigan A L Glyndon, Church Road Aspley Heath 2272
Dental Surgeon Ingrouille C C 20 Bow Brickhill Road 2190
Draper Hall Robert Ltd 47 High Street 2121
Electric Power Supply Undertakings Northants Dist. 1 Spring Grove 2194
Electrical Contractors Metcalf, K I & H 71 High Street 3024
Engineers Electrical Zenith Electric Co Ltd Factory House 3183
Engineers Electrical Zenith Electric Co Ltd Pinecrest Works, Cranfied Road Wavendon 2160
Engineers Electronic Weatherheads (Woburn Sands) Ltd 5 High Street 2280
Engineers Heating and Ventilation Lawrence, L J Lindens, Woodside Avenue, Aspley Guise 3301
Farmers Agate, M Church Farm, Hulcote 3157
Farmers Alley, R B Millway Farm, Aspley Guise 3109
Farmers Barford, R M Park Farm, Wavendon 3155
Farmers Bishopp Edgewick Farm 2225
Farmers Clarke, F P Crossing Lands Farm, Aspley Guise 3185
Farmers Cook, Arthur H Church Farm, Wavendon 2193
Farmers Daniels, Thomas W Eagle Farm, Wavendon 2117
Farmers Fen Hill Farm 1 Tower Cottages, Wavendon 2191
Farmers Fernberg, Eric B Wavendon Tower 2159
Farmers Firth, D A Crab Tree Farm, Lower Wavendon 2259
Farmers Francis, W Crawley Hall Farm, Husborne Crawley 2118
Farmers Gurney, R H V Old Farm, Wavendon 3197
Farmers Hall, E T & Son Whitsundoles Farm, Salford 2236
Farmers Hall, John B Rook Tree Farm, Hulcote 3132
Farmers Haynes, L J College Farm, Salford 2202
Farmers Hemmings, J & Son Bury Lane Farm, Aspley Guise 2238
Farmers Hill, John L Myrtlands, Salford 2192
Farmers Hulbert, R W Mill Farm 3106
Farmers Kilpin, H D Common Farm 3333
Farmers Knudson, K Aspley Hall Farm, Hulcote 3265
Farmers Lines, G M Glebe Farm, Wavendon 3202
Farmers Menday, F S The Deethe Farm 3107
Farmers Smith, A G Mayfield Farm 2314
Farmers Summerford, H The Old House Salford 3292
Farmers Walker /h A Glebe Farm, Aspley Guise 2217
Farmers Ward, L Woodleys Farm 2242
Farmers Wyatt, D J L The Manor Farm, Salford 3225
Finance Companies Fellowes Finance Co Ltd 13a Church Road 2028
Fish Game & Poultry Dealers Gander, T A 73 High Street 2168
Fruiterers and Greengrocers Jackson, J M 66 Station Road 3365
Funeral Directors and Undertakers Smith, Edgar G Haddon House, Hardwick Road 2112
Gas Companies Eastern Gas Board Watford Div 3241
Grocers – Retail Dudeney & Johnston High Street 3233
Grocers – Retail Elliott, W H 67 High Street 2223
Grocers – Retail Gomm, W S 130 Station Road 2331
Grocers – Retail Jonas, R F E Station Stores 2385
Grocers – Retail Lancasters The Square 2147
Grocers – Retail Paine, D 7 High Street 3219
Hairdressers – Ladies Horseman, Jennifer Top Knot Hairstylist, The Square 3068
Hairdressers – Ladies Ridgway, Jill 37 Station Road 2275
Hairdressers – Ladies Wesleys 37 High Street 2277
Homes Daneswood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath 3113
Homes Daneswood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath – Patients 2372
Homes Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath 2230
Homes Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath – Patients 3320
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Daneswood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath 3113
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Daneswood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath – Patients 2372
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Edgbury Hospital Aspley Heath 2392
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Edgbury Hospital Aspley Heath – Patients 2228
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath 2230
Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath – Patients 3320
Hotels Bell Hotel Aspley Guise 3133
Hotels Fir Tree Hotel Visitors 2127
Hotels Leathern Bottel Wavendon 2027
Hotels Leathern Bottel Wavendon 3180
Hotels Old Black Horse Wavendon 2205
Hotels Old Wheatsheaf Wavendon 3315
Hotels Plough Inn Wavendon 3387
Hotels Red Lion Salford Bletchley 3117
Hotels Station Hotel Station Road 3136
Hotels Swan Hotel 2060
Hotels Swan Hotel 3204
Hotels The Swan Salford 3254
Hotels The Wheatsheaf Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise 3338
Insurance Brokers Marchant, James & Son St Hilary, Weathercock Lane 2161
Ironmongers Andrews, G Ltd 75 High Street 3262
Joiners Context Joinery 20 Russell Street 3074
Landscape Gardeners Frosts Garden Centre 2166
Manufacturers Agents Barnwell, R C 2 Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise 2336
Manufacturers Agents Hopkins, Sidney G Malting Farm, Wavendon 2374
Manure Manufacturers and Merchants Cosby, G W Belle Vue, Salford Road, Aspley Guise 3261
Mens Wear Mans Shop (Matthews C G) 41 High Steet 3263
Motor Body builders Last, E & Son (Repairers) Russell Street 3244
Motor Engineers Armstrongs Garage 6 Hardwick Road 3118
Motor Engineers Blanchard, L H Station Road 2361
Motor Engineers Harris, R W & Son 19 High Street 2252
Motor Engineers Harris, R W & Son 20 High Street 2398
Newsagents and Vendors Artingstall, O 2 West Hill Aspley Guise 2174
Newsagents Wholesale Baker, F C 2354
Newspapers ans Periodicals Woburn Reporter 2 Downham Road 3348
Nurserymen and Seedsmen Austin, W E 53 High Street 3122
Nurserymen and Seedsmen Davis, R C Abundance Nurseries, Wavendon 3016
Nurserymen and Seedsmen Frost and Cossom Frosts Garden Centre 2166
Nurserymen and Seedsmen Haven Nursery Station Road 2158
Nurserymen and Seedsmen Peck, F A Oakley Nursery Wavendon 3193
Nurses 12 Trunk Furlong, Aspley Guise 3351
Nurses Nurses House, The Leys 2137
Nursing Homes Oaklands Nursing home 60 Station Road 2133
Nursing Homes Red House The Avenue, Aspley Guise 2367
Optician Brown, Richard P FSMC 9 High Street 3327
Osteopaths Garratt, Mrs Joanna R 22 Station Road 3158
Painters and Decoraters Murrer, C W & Sons West Hill Aspley Guise 2278
Physicians and Surgeons Blumenau, Ernest MD 10 Church End Wavendon 2261
Physicians and Surgeons Furber, B 3103
Physicians and Surgeons Street, W John Hulcot Manor, Hulcot 2172
Plastic Products, Manufacturers of Glenwood Products Fir Tree Works 2359
Plastic Products, Manufacturers of Plysu Products Ltd 120 Station Road 2311
Plumber West, S J 29 Chapel Street 2329
Printers Metron Plan Printers Aspley Guise 2237
Printers Powage Press Ltd Powage House, Church Styreet 3216
Publishers and Publications Mercantile Press Assoc Ltd Powage House, Aspley Guise 3295
Radio Apparatus Dealers Puryer, S W 61 High Street 3362
Railway Undertakings Woburn Sands 2265
Removal & Storage Contractors Harrison 10 Wood Street 3283
Road Transport Thruways Ltd Station Riad 2178
Sand Gravel and Ballast Merchant St Albans Sand & Gravel Co Ltd Hardwick Road 2386
Sand Gravel and Ballast Merchant Aspley Wood, Quarry off Hardwick Road 639
Scrap Metal Merchants England Hopkins Ltd Railway Station 2378
Security Services and Equipment Sureway Security Ltd Belle Vue Aspley Guise 2182
Societies and Association National Graphical Assoc. Radlett House, Aspley Guise 3084
Soft Furnishings Green Soft Furnishings 2a Aspley Hill 2391
Surveyors Hedges, O J Pine Cottage, Aspley Guise 2379
Taxi & Private Hire Sibley, E Bedford Road, Aspley Guise 3218
Textiles Rowlands Fabrics (Woburn() ltd 3 Aspley Hill 3050
Textiles Werth, G & Co (Weavers) Ltd Tree Tops, Aspley Heath 2038
Tool makers and Dealers Hall, D C The Old School, School Lane 3145
Valuers Woodhouse Neale 97 Bletchley Road, Bletchley 2167
Watch and Clock Makers Mogridge, H D Croftley, Vicarage Street 3058
Waterworks Birchmoor Water Supply & Drainage Joint Committee Waterworks Office, Birchmoor 2145
Waterworks Engineer T R Povey 56 Station Road 2149
Wine and Spirit Merchants Hardy, A 1 Station Road 3296


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